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A lot of our Canadian readers have emailed us recently asking about one of the newer payment options for that area- Ukash. This article will explain what Ukash is, which sportsbooks accept it as a valid form of payment, plus explain how it can help you remain anonymous in cyberspace.

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What is Ukash?

Ukash is a payment voucher that is a lot like a credit card, except that you fund it with actual cash. Vendors sell Ukash vouchers throughout Canada at Now Prepay terminals or you can also purchase a voucher online, whichever is easier for you. Once you have a voucher in hand, you’re ready to place sportsbook wagers or shop at hundreds of thousands of online retailers, all by using your unique pin code.

The Benefits of Ukash

  • Completely anonymous way to shop/gamble online
  • Very secure payment method
  • Fast transactions; just enter your pin number at sportsbooks
  • Available at over 275,000 locations
  • Can be spent/deposited in multiple transactions

Ukash is ideal for Canadian residents that want to gamble online. Not only does it keep them completely anonymous in cyberspace, but it also means that people without credit card or bank accounts can enjoy online sportsbooks as well.

The Negatives of Ukash

  • Transaction fees between 3-7%
  • expires after twelve months

Although a transaction fee is never a good thing, Ukash keeps the costs low to allow gamblers a better option when they prefer to use cash. Just be sure to use all of your Ukash within twelve months or get to a terminal to redeem it for cash.

Ukash Sportsbooks

For most countries, we would normally have anywhere between 3-8 recommendations in terms of sportsbook gambling. In Canada, however, Bet365 is so far ahead of anything else that is offered within the region that there is really not a reason to even mention other gaming destinations. Just to be fair and give you a little bit of a comparison though, here are our top two sportsbooks in Canada-

Bet365 is one of the most popular sports betting destinations on the internet for a reason; the atmosphere is simply awesome. There is not another sportsbook anywhere in cyberspace where you can place a friendly wager and then watch live sporting action as it unfolds on your computer monitor or cell phone; nobody else has this level of technology. Combine that with Bet365’s fast payouts, friendly customer service, and exclusive betting options and you’ll see why more people gamble at Bet365 than anywhere else.

Bodog is also a very good casino that has received high user praise from their customers and it is currently available for Canadian residents who wish to pay with Ukash. Even though this destination does not have anywhere near as many betting options as Bet365, what they do have is set at excellent odds and handled by a very professional staff. If Bet365 was not in the picture for Canadian residents, then Bodog would definitely be our top choice.

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