Did you know that the phrase, “think before you speak,” actually originated in Ontario, Canada? Well, we won’t bore you with all of the long, drawn out details, so you’ll just have to take our word for it. What we will tell you, however, is that Ontario, Canada is also infamous for a much less popular phrase, which is “our online casinos really stink, eh?” Ever since the Canadian government tried to monopolize the online gaming industry in the early 2000’s, it has been almost impossible to find a fair bet…until now.

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There is No use Crying over Spilt Milk

That’s another popular phrase that was literally born and raised in Quebec, and in this case it certainly applies to the treatment that Canadian citizens have faced when it comes to online gambling. Sure, the casinos that are regulated by the Canadian government are about the worst we’ve ever seen before, but maybe you didn’t know that in 2018 citizens are free to gamble at any registered online casino in the world…as long as it meets certain criteria. The above destinations certainly do that and more so it’s definitely time to move on to greener pastures.

A Bird in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush

This was essentially the Canadian government’s feelings on how their citizens would react to foreign-based online casinos; why would any of their gamblers leave when they knew the local house games were fully state regulated? Well, it as it turns out, the players would much rather frequent gaming destinations that had house odds in low single digits, plus somewhere where they were treated with respect and rewarded for their loyalty. Once word was out about places like Casino Titan and WinPalace, the government’s theory was definitely proven wrong.

You Shall Reap what you Sow

Yeah, okay…that was originally a Biblical quote, but citizens throughout the region use it so often that it might as well be considered a Quebec saying as well. It also applies nicely in this case because that’s exactly what happened to all of those government casinos when outside competition started targeting local gamblers in 2018; they simply jumped ship and went for the reputable establishments where they were treated fairly. Even though there are still quite a few of you giving up 10-20% odds and not receiving any type of loyalty rewards from the state run gaming establishments, the vast majority have moved on.

Call a Spade a Spade

Our final Quebec phrase of the day carries quite an important message for Canadian gamblers in 2018; call a spade a spade. Think about it; your local government casinos are only in business for one reason- tax dollars. It is not in their best interest for their gaming establishments to treat you well or to give fair odds, nor will it ever be.

Now look at our featured 2011 online casinos above. With a house edge of less than a half percent on many of their games, they are obviously in business for long term profit. They’re not trying to take every penny of your money all in one fair swipe, which is why they give excellent deposit bonuses and VIP treatment. In short, there is really very little comparison between the Canadian-run casinos and the world-class destinations mentioned above, so be sure to make 2011 the year that you make the move to the best that the industry has to offer.

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