Sports Betting In Atlantic City

Atlantic City has seen more ups and downs in the past few decades than some of the world’s best roller coasters (which ironically used to be in Atlantic City). This party paradise for kids of all ages has been an American Symbol since before the Great Depression, yet it has struggled with financing for the better part of the last century. While casinos and sports betting was once thought to be a long term solution to this islands finances, it is once again struggling to keep afloat above the Atlantic Ocean.

Allowing casinos onto the boardwalk in the late 70’s was a last ditch effort to spark tourism for the ageing island, which is the only reason that the iconic park has made it into the 21st century. The problem was that developers simply were not interested in trying to keep pace with their main competitor’s, Las Vegas, and many of the casinos in Atlantic City today are still the remnants of the 1980’s boom. Several recent projects by major casino names have been scrapped over the past decade as well, leaving avid fans somewhere in limbo of this great city’s future.

So, is sports betting in Atlantic City still worth the trip? Well, that depends on whom you ask. Millions of seasonal gamblers have taken their patronage to Nevada or Connecticut instead over the past fifteen years, which is both good and bad when it comes to you personally. Here are a few ideas for you to make the most out of your Atlantic City sports betting getaway-

Do a Little Comparison Shopping

Even though the Borgata and the newly planned Revel Hotel and Casino may be the nicest destinations in town, they are still very desperate for out-of-state gamblers to frequent their establishments. Five hundred dollar per night suites can be had for a fraction of the overall cost throughout the year, which is something that you definitely will not find in Vegas or Reno. If your only goal is to place some wagers and to enjoy a relaxing weekend, then Atlantic City is still a great choice that takes it easy on your wallet.

Bring the Family

Even though this gambling city may appear somewhat past its prime, it is still one of the most exciting towns inside the US for children and teenagers. From funnel cakes to amusement parks, Atlantic City has a little bit of everything. This town is designed to bring out the inner child in everyone, so be sure to place your sports bets and then get outside to see the sights and enjoy yourself.

Searching for Comps

Now, we do not want to give our readers the wrong impression; Atlantic City is still wildly popular with millions of unique visitors per year. All we meant when we mentioned them being slow in the past is that other locations seem to be doing a lot better when it comes to tourism this year. This can seriously work to a smart gambler’s advantage, however, because there are tons of comps that these casinos and sportsbooks are dying to give away.

Instead of sticking to just one casino during your visit, be sure to visit several locations and ask to be rated at each of them. Let the pit bosses know that you’re staying somewhere else and mainly seeing what the town has to offer, and do not be surprised when you get offers ranging from free room upgrades to luxury penthouse suites. Casinos in Atlantic City use these tactics to steal gamblers from their competitors all of the time; all you have to do is to let them fight over you.

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