Entropay Canadian Sportsbooks

Okay, so you want to know about Canadian sportsbooks that accept EntroPay; you definitely came to the right place. Of the hundreds of links that you possibly could have clicked on, you just happened to pick the one website that is not afraid to recommend sportsbooks based on actual quality. The others around the net would rather tell you about which casino makes the Canadian government the most money or who’s paying the top comp rates for the month, but our staff doesn’t believe in any of that silly stuff. So congratulations, you’re already a winner of the biggest prize this website has to offer- the truth..

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Now that we’ve finished bragging about ourselves for being honest and having some integrity, let’s get down to business. Below you’ll find a handy little FAQ that our staff prepared just for you; it’s designed to teach you everything there is to know about Entropay and sportsbooks in Canada. Hopefully it will answer all of your questions but if not, be sure to send us an email. We will happily get you the answers you’re looking for.

What is EntroPay?

EntroPay is nothing more than a virtual Visa credit card. That means you can buy just about anything online with it at millions of eCommerce establishments across the world, and the built in layers of protection will keep you safe. Of course, it’s great for gambling too!

Would I use EntroPay at an online sportsbook?

Let’s say that you want to deposit $200 at Bet365 to place a bet this weekend, but you really do not want to use your credit card. Sure, your credit has protections and you’re safe from theft/fraud, but everyone knows that cyber-crime is a serious problem. By using EntroPay, you’re adding a layer of security between you and the casino/sportsbook. That way, if a genius hacker somehow penetrated the Bet365 system then none of your information is there.

Why should I use something other than EntroPay at an online sportsbook?

If you’re the type that likes to try out several online sportsbooks at random then we have two piece of advice for you- (1) use EntroPay to protect your identity and (2) stop being an idiot and gambling at unproven websites (I told you we were honest). For everyone else, using a credit card or something like Ukash is a perfectly valid option at reputable sportsbooks. Besides, EntroPay charges 4.95% for deposit transactions; that is not worth the one in a billion chances that someone could hack into Bet365 or another leading casino.

Can I make withdrawals with my EntroPay account too?

You can make withdrawals with your EntroPay account but honestly we are not thrilled with this either. They charge you almost 2% of your transfer balance while others do not charge anything. On the other hand, the withdrawal is instant so if you need the money right now, it’s a solid option.

Why should I place sports bets at Bet365 with EntroPay?

Well, besides the fact that is it one of the leading sportsbooks in the world, Bet365 is also the leading EntroPay merchant for any type of sports betting. Their gaming options are truly second to none, their live video of sporting events is incredible, and they have better house odds than any government regulated sportsbook in Canada. If those aren’t enough reasons for you, then simply log in and try it out for yourself…we’re sure that you’ll find many more.

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