Vegas Sports Betting

So, you’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to head over to Las Vegas…we are extremely jealous of you right now! There is no place on Earth as fun and as exciting as Sin City and let me tell you, our staff has been to some really darn fun and exciting places. If you’re heading into the Nevada desert for some sportsbook betting, here are a few pointers to remember-

Shop for Odds

Believe it or not, the sportsbooks in Vegas rarely have the exact same odds since the individual matchmakers will adjust their payouts according to how the wagers are coming in. Now, most of them start out with the same betting lines but at the same time they’re always looking for unique angles to pull in new or repeat betters. By giving slightly better odds on certain match-ups, sportsbooks attract new customers from rivals all of the time.

Let’s say that New England is playing Detroit on Sunday Night Football, for example, and the Pats come out at 12 point favorites. One sportsbook may be packed with Detroit fans that take the points, while other locations receive heavy betting on the Patriots since they are matched up against one of the weaker teams. These casinos are not likely to stay dead at 12 points if the betting is heavy one way or the other, so be sure to look for every advantage that you can get.

Avoid Sucker Bets

Sticking with our previous example of New England versus Detroit, the two main wagers offered by sportsbooks would be who will win the game (plus or minus the point spread) and the total amount of points scored (which is an over/under bet). If New England won the game by a touchdown, for example, that means that the gamblers who bet on Detroit would collect on their wagers. Likewise, if the over/under was set at 31, the final score would determine which bracket of bets receive payouts.

There are also several other bets available for gamblers in NFL football (or any team-sport match up), but most of them are not as simple when it comes to payouts. You can place wagers on who scores first, the total amount of touchdowns, the game’s MVP, or about a hundred other categories…and all of these are considered sucker bets because the house has a substantial advantage with them.

Betting for Status

Since you’re headed to Las Vegas anyway to place some wagers on your favorite team, you might as well collect some VIP rewards while you’re there. A little-known secret is that many Vegas casinos give their players excellent comps for sports betting…as long as you know to ask beforehand.

The key to sports betting VIP rewards are naturally centered around money, but it is not just the massive high rollers who end up with a free mini-suite for the night. A few hundred dollar wagers is usually sufficient to get you on the casino’s radar, while multiple $500 bets will often get you a meeting with a casino representative that wants to chat about your sports betting habits. Play the part, smile pretty for the funny man in the suit, and you may just be invited back for future stays on the casino’s dime.

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