Sports Betting Etiquette

Sometimes gamblers tend to forget that the sports betting world has many strict rules that govern fair play for both the sportsbook and the players. Now, we’re not just talking about the actual laws that sportsbooks enforce about betting lines and handicaps; the topic today is a heck of a lot more serious than that. This article will fill our readers in on some unwritten rules that everyone should follow while gambling with a sports betting establishment.

Be Ready to Bet

Many handicappers will study the various lines and last minute changes before betting, which is why the sportsbook betting windows are always so busy just before the start of the contest. If you’re already standing in line then that means you should already know exactly what you’re going to wager on; people get extremely mad when someone stands at the betting terminal trying to make up their mind.

Now, you may not think this is a big deal, but all it will take is one time for you to miss out on an 11-1 underdog that won because the guy in front of you was inconsiderate. There have actually been people that were severely beaten or killed at horse tracks and sportsbooks over tying up the betting window so either bet or step to the back of the line.

Do Not Ask Others What they Bet

Being social and having fun at a sports betting establishment is a big part of the draw for many gamblers, but it is wise to remember that many people do not like talking about their wagers. That may sound like the dumbest thing in the world to you, but some people value their privacy and they really don’t want to divulge their betting tactics to anyone- especially if they are losing.

Likewise, people do not want to hear about your misfortunes. Sportsbook gambling is only available to adults, which means that others expect you to take your wins and losses like a man. Do not throw temper tantrums if you lose and definitely do not partake in extended celebrations if you win…it makes you look like a bad sport.

Easy on the Alcohol

Casinos and sportsbooks often give free alcohol to their gamblers for a reason; it clouds their judgement and makes you a little bit looser with your money. This is great for the gaming industry but not so good for you if those wins are not rolling in, so limit yourself to 2-3 free drinks and stick to water or soda the rest of the day.

Likewise, very few people will show you any sympathy if you get drunk at a sports betting establishment. Part of being a responsible gambler is knowing how to control the environment around you, so if you’re staggering around and annoying others then security will probably ask you to leave…if you’re lucky.

Tip your Attendants

The guys and gals taking your bet love to see big winners, and it’s not because they love seeing the little guy win over the establishment either. Anyone who works inside a casino or sportsbook is paid horribly because most of their money comes from tips, so if you’re winning then you need to take care of your tellers. Besides, once the employees recognize you as a generous tipper, they are usually a lot more willing to help you out with tips and advice.

I remember one time in particular; I was at a horse track and wanted to bet heavily on the six, but my favorite teller gave me a funny look and said, “Did you say the four horse?” I repeated my wager and again the old man smiled and read it back incorrectly. I bet the 27-1 underdog that he suggested, figuring that a handicapping pro might have wagered just before me. That number four pony led wire to wire and made me almost $1,800, so I gave half to the teller for the tip. Of course, some would say that was way too generous, but that’s how the sports betting world works. If you want VIP treatment and insights, tip like a VIP.

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