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One of the most frustrating aspects of online gambling for many Canadian residents is the confusion over deposit options; there’s no worse feeling than receiving a credit or debit card rejection when the payment should have definitely processed correctly. This seems to happen to a lot of online gamblers because of the United States sanctions on gambling; even though it should have nothing to do with Canada, many of the payments coming from Canadian citizens are processed through US servers.

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The easiest way for Canadians to avoid this frustration is a new deposit option called Instadebit; it takes money straight from your banking account so you do not have to deal with the whole credit card hassle. Here are some other benefits of Insta Debit when it comes to online gambling-

– Instant processing times

Instadebit payments to Bet365, Canada’s top-rated sportsbook, are sent immediately whenever the consumer makes the request. There are no waiting times or other hassles so gamblers can be sure to always get their bet in on time.

– 100% approval rate

Nobody is ever turned down at Instadebit; if you have money in the bank then your payment is guaranteed to process within seconds. This should be a welcome change for online gamblers that frequently receive credit card rejections.

– Secure servers

InstaDebit uses the same processing methods as major banks and government offices around the world, plus their internal servers have the highest encryption software available in the world today. Your payment to Bet365 is completely safe.

– No fee to consumers

One of the biggest reasons that Canadian players use Instadebit to fund their Bet365 accounts is that it is one of the few payment options that are completely free. There are never any hidden fees or miscellaneous charges with this payment system.

– Fast withdrawals

Instadebit can also be used for the fastest withdrawals in the industry as well. Bet365 customers will often find that their payment will transfer to Insta Debit the exact same day and it only takes an extra few seconds for the funds to hit their banking account.

– Completely Anonymous

InstaDebit is one of the only completely anonymous payment options in the world today, yet is uses a standard checking or savings account. This payment option is excellent for players who do not want to give online casinos and sportsbooks their personal information.

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