Visa Sportsbook Safety Tips

Are you a big fan of statistics? Well, if you’re into sportsbooks then you should be, and we definitely have a few statistics to share. For starters, how about the number of people who feel victim to Internet fraud since you’ve started reading this article; which is around 12. By the time we finish this paragraph there will likely be 10 more, which averages out to around 30 people per minute, 1,800 an hour, and over 43,000 per day that get conned in cyberspace. The worst part is that only a small fraction of them used a Visa gift card, which means that they lost a lot more than they were ever expecting.

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Common Cyber-Crimes

So how do these crimes happen? Well, most of the time it’s exactly as you’d expect; people enter their credit card numbers on fraudulent sites and they end up getting ripped off. There are literally thousands of sportsbooks out there that fit this description and a million other sites that are designed solely to steal your personal information. That kind of crime is so common that gamblers should literally stick to reputable gaming establishments that have been deemed 100% safe; some of the best around the net are listed above.

Then again, credit card fraud is really the least of a person’s concern because that money is guaranteed by Visa or MasterCard. The real trouble kicks in when the criminal uses the consumer’s information to build a credit profile and eventually become that person; complete with a driver’s license, various credit lines, and several ridiculously lavish purchases. These types of crimes can literally destroy a victim’s creditworthiness and it takes years to recover…even though the situation was beyond their control.

The Power of Visa Gift Cards

We mentioned Visa gift cards earlier for a very specific purpose; it’s like using cash on the Internet and it keeps you 100% safe at all times. Since your name is not printed anywhere on the card and the limits are set by whatever you deposit on it, there is literally nothing for a criminal to steal. Thousands of gamblers are now embracing the purchases of one-time gift cards for their online needs and they’re sold at just about every convenience store in the world.

Don’t get us wrong; your regular credit card is probably more than sufficient to protect your identity in cyberspace…as long as you stick to trusted sites and never take unnecessary risks. A Visa gift card is often overkill when it comes to protection (especially at the sportsbooks listed above), but then again; what’s the harm in always being 100% safe in cyberspace? Forty-three thousand people per day probably wish they had that extra layer of anonymity.

Reputable Sportsbooks

As we said earlier, criminals are never going to stop finding new ways to steal from the average citizen while they’re on the Internet. Gamblers essentially have two choices; play at reputable, secure gaming destinations with Visa gift cards or avoid the net completely. Any other alternative is seriously pushing your luck…and not in a good way either.

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