Interac Casino Payments

Lately, a lot of our readers have been asking us about a safe alternative option to using their credit and debit cards at online casinos. While banking transfers and using third party websites fulfill that need nicely, we recently came across another option that seems to show a lot of promise. This deposit method is called Interac, and it’s basically a form of bank transfer that utilizes email accounts to send an instant notification of payment. Interac is easy to use, completely secure, and eliminates most of the headaches involved with other money-sending options.

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What is Interac?

As we said earlier, Interac is nothing more than a simple bank transfer option with a little bit of a twist. You would complete this payment method through your bank’s “send money” page, except all you need is the recipient’s email address. The payment arrives fast and a notification is sent instantly…which works very well within the online gambling industry.

How does Interac work?

It functions a lot like some of those third party websites in that the finds are taken from your bank account immediately and put aside for the merchant. Since you’re not providing a bank account within the transaction, however, it is up to the email recipient to complete the process of receiving the money.

Why is Interac better than a bank transfer?

In some cases it might not be, because there are times when a bank transfer will process instantly to whatever you may be trying to pay. Most of the time, however, there is a delay in the payment processing so gamblers end up waiting hours or even days in order to see their deposit processed. Interac solves this problem because all emails are delivered in real time. It also keeps your personal information completely anonymous as well; there’s no need to take a chance with your banking information when using Interac.

Why is Interac better than a credit/debit card?

Are you kidding us? Tens of thousands of credit and debit card numbers are stolen almost everyday in cyberspace. Even though the online casinos that we recommend have never experienced any types of fraud or theft issues, there is absolutely no reason to ever type your credit card number into any kind of web browser. Use Interac or a standard bank transfer so you can put the plastic away.

Is there a downside to Interac?

Well, if you do not have your favorite online gaming establishments email address then it would be a problem, but that’s really the only downside to Interac that we’ve experienced so far. This online casino payment option is 100% secure, completely anonymous, and it’s probably the easiest method that we’ve come across in quite some time. The best news is that you complete it through your own financial institution as well, meaning that you already know the company is trusted if they are partnered with your bank.

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