Sports Betting XML Feeds

Since a lot of our readers have recently sent in questions lately about how XML feeds work at various sportsbook sites, we decided to prepare a handy FAQ just for your reading pleasure. Although we try our best to cover every possible basis when preparing these types of articles, be sure to send us an email if we happened to miss anything.

What is an XML feed?

An XML feed is nothing more than a few lines of code that tells your computer how to pull information from your favorite websites and places it on your homepage or desktop. If you’re still not sure what it is, think of a stock ticker that pulls very specific information from Wall Street brokerage firms…it’s basically the same thing.

Which websites offer XML feeds?

Almost any website can offer an XML feed but it is most common at sports and news sites. When searching cyberspace to see who carries this technology, keep an eye out for the orange logo.

What can be sent over XML feeds?

Websites can transmit just about anything; from live weather updates to breaking news stories. Sports betting websites usually broadcast their latest odds and betting lines.

How do I use an XML feed?

To access XML feeds, you’ll have to either download a program that can use this technology (search for “feed readers”) or subscribe to a website that has it built-in. Yahoo, Google, AOL, and all the major homepage websites can access XML feeds already. Once that’s out of the way, you simply have to copy the feed information from your favorite website and enter it into the reader.

Why do sportsbooks use XML feeds?

Sportsbooks use XML feeds because they are a quick, easy way for you to stay up to date on the various line changes and odds. The great thing about XML feeds is that you can access them from any computer, laptop, or smartphone straight through your homepage.

Are sports betting XML feeds updated in real time?

Yes and no. While all XML feeds are updated in real time, it can sometimes take as long as five to ten minutes for the information to refresh. Some sports betting websites have eliminated some or all of this delay by making it a true live feed, which means you see the odds change every few seconds.

What are some of the best sports betting sites for XML feeds?

Our personal favorite is probably the XML feed offered by Sports Interaction, it updates in real time and it is fully customizable so you can track specific games or sports teams. Since that’s where the majority of the internet bets on various sports anyway, that’s probably the one that you want. and also have very good XML feeds as well.

Should I have more than one XML feed for sports bets?

Since all three XML feeds we recommended come from very reputable sportsbooks, we honestly think that most gamblers would be better off installing all three of them to their homepage. Even though they contain the same information, sometimes one will have slightly better odds than the others so it allows you to do a quick comparison check before placing your wagers.

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