MGM Sports Betting

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino chain is easily one of the most prestigious names on the planet when it comes to fine dining, world-class gaming, fantastic entertainment, and luxurious accommodations. Visitors now have a new reason to visit, however, because the new MGM race and sportsbook can easily be part of the conversation when one is talking about the highest-quality sports betting establishment on the planet. This 5,300 square foot betting pallor displays live sporting match-ups from around the world on over 100 HD televisions throughout the venue, VIP luxury suites, complimentary refreshments, and the superb quality that you’d expect from a leading provider within the gaming industry.

MGM Sportsbook – The Good

Honestly, the MGM Grand sportsbook leaves little for customers to complain about; even on a bad day. The stadium layout is superb for gamblers who are tracking several different wagers at the same time yet it also works nicely for the gambler who focuses his bets on one event at a time. With 42′ plasma screen televisions almost everywhere the eye can see, gamblers truly feel that they are placed in the center of the action as various worldwide events unfold around them in real time.

For those who are not seeking the hustle and flow of the main gaming room, the MGM Grand sportsbook also has almost fifty seats with fully controllable 15 inch displays that can be tuned to any sporting event in the world. Combine this with over 17 statistical boards placed throughout the venue and you’ll see why gamblers feel a sense of freedom inside this casino that is seldom matched at other locations.

The three VIP rooms, which are situated above the gaming floor to give a skybox feel, are also a great way to experience sports betting at its finest. With complimentary meals provided for 10-20 guests, the VIP skyboxes allow gamblers to utilize the 100+ plasma televisions on the main floor while still remaining inside a private setting. This space is great for corporate getaways or even gambling teams that prefer a touch of luxury while gambling.

MGM Sportsbook- The Bad

In all honesty, casual betters may feel overwhelmed on their first visit to the MGM Grand sportsbook simply because there are so many options available to gamblers. While this may have more to do with the industry than the casino itself, there are statistics almost everywhere you look and the 100+ live events can easily seem like a little much for those who simply want to place a $100 wager on their favorite sports team. Many new or inexperienced gamblers may prefer to simply place a wager and then watch the event from their room.

Another downside to the MGM Grand is that while the staff is genuinely friendly and supportive, it can be difficult at times to gain personal attention when it comes to an explanation of the odds or a certain betting term. Again, it is hard to fault a single location for a trend that is found throughout the industry, but the MGM sportsbook could benefit from additional employees being present to assist guests when the room is particularly busy.

MGM Sportsbook- Overall

As we have already stated multiple times, the newly renovated sportsbook at the MGM Grand is easily one of the nicest sports betting destinations in the United States today. It is truly rare to find a combination of sheer luxury and technologically advanced gadgets in the same place but the MGM has pulled it off nicely.

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