Vegas Palms Sports Betting

For those who have never visited the Palms Resort in LasVegas, it may at first be surprising to read that their sportsbook and horse racing sections are among the busiest areas of the casino. It’s not that a significantly large number of gamblers attend this casino especially for the sports betting, mind you, but once they see how relaxing and innovative this area is, more often than not you’ll see them wander in and take a seat at one of the customized betting windows. There is not another sportsbook quite like the Palms in Vegas or anywhere else in the world, which is why it falls very close to the top of our list when talking about the best gaming facilities around.

Palms Sportsbook- The Good

The benefits of gambling at the Palms Sportsbook are clearly obvious the moment you walk in the door; this is a place where serious gamblers can come to relax. The individual seating probably resembles your favorite La-Z-Boy Chair back at home and that’s just the beginning of the comfort, because serious betters do not even have to leave their chairs in order to place a wager. Almost 100 customized seats come with built-in televisions, betting terminals, and handicap information right in front of you, letting you view live sports action on all seven continents at once if you so choose.

Another huge perk for gamblers at the Palms Casino and Sportsbook is the numerous comps available exclusively for their sports betting clientele; everything from a free weekend to a custom tour of Vegas is available once you prove your loyalty. Of course, the freebies are not just for high rollers and die-hard gamblers; even casual players can enjoy a free lunch and a few beers while watching today’s featured game on the massive nine foot television screen that occupies the center of the room.

Other gamblers that frequent the Palms appreciate the finer touches of the establishment, ranging from the 200+ video monitors throughout the gaming floors to the fine Cuban cigars that are available at multiple dispensers. Couple that with some of the most favorable betting lines in Vegas and you’ll see why this gaming destination is visited by millions of serious gamblers each year.

Palms Sportsbook- The Bad

Although there are not too many complaints when it comes to sports betting at the Palms, a few of their customers have questioned the reasoning behind separating the sportsbook and the wagering on the horses/dogs. While these two rooms are side by side, many gamblers feel like it is somewhat of a hassle to be forced to travel back and forth when waiting on the sixth race at Gulfstream while attempting to watch LeBron and Wade carry the Miami Heat late in the 4th quarter.

Another small complaint among betters at the Palms is the relatively small amount of seating inside the sportsbook; with only 45 available it makes it inconvenient during featured match-ups on busy weekends. With all of the specialty wagering available at this casino, there should definitely be more room for gamblers.

Palms Sportsbook- Overall

The Palms Resort and Casino is one of the most comfortable, laid back places to bet on your favorite team while visiting Las Vegas. The staff is excellent and always willing to go the extra mile to make your stay more enjoyable, plus the sheer amount of betting options simply can not be found elsewhere in Sin City. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas then this sportsbook should definitely be on your must-see list.

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