Sports Betting Jobs & Careers

So you are thinking about working in the sports betting industry and need a little bit of information about the job; it’s a good thing that you decided to take a look around the internet first. Don’t get us wrong; working inside a sportsbook is a heck of a lot of fun if you’re the adventurous type that loves living on the edge, but just as many people would consider a career inside a sports betting facility something that bordered on pure havoc. Your initial task is to figure out exactly where you’d fit within that equation so take some notes, call your mother, and get ready to figure out if a sportsbook career would be for you.

Probably the first thing you need to know about working inside a casino is that this is definitely one of those places where the customer is always right. Now I know what you’re thinking…the customer usually is right in most situations…but wait until you step inside a sports book where people bet hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. People will throw temper tantrums when they lose, blame you for printing their ticket wrong, cuss you out because they lost their room key, or even tell your boss that you are the stupidest person on Earth. Yeah, the customer is always right…especially inside the sports betting industry.

Not all high rollers are jerks though, so if we haven’t scared you off quite yet then let’s talk about some of the perks of the job. You’ll constantly come across beautiful women, exotic sports cars, insanely generous tippers, and enough insider information to start your own third world country. The pay is usually pretty good as well, but on the flip side of things the hours are sometimes pretty long. Then again, its long hours around beautiful women and big-time gamblers, so the time often seems to fly by.

If you’re still reading right along with us, then you’re probably ready to hear about some of the careers within the sports betting industry. Here are a few places you could start-

Professional Gambler– Forget about having the casino hire you, just walk in there with a wad of money and show then that you know what’s what in the sport of your choice. Tens of thousands of people quit their cay jobs to become professional gamblers every year.

Match Maker– If you’re good with numbers and understand all the various handicaps involved in sports then maybe you can hit the front offices immediately and become a match maker. This person crunches numbers to figure out what the spread on each game should be, what types of odds the casino will offer, and all kinds of other statistical planning.

Customer Service/VIP Rep– Are you good with people and like to hear yourself talk? Well, a customer service rep is the guy or gal who greets VIPs as they arrive to the casino and makes sure that they have a great time. Of course, you also have to hear people complain about a billion and six things that went wrong during their stay, but we think it balances out nicely.

Teller/Cashier– Trust us; this is not your average grocery store clerk job. Customers will be coming at you and rattling off several bets at once, all in sportsbook lingo, and your job is to key it into the system correctly in mere seconds. Although it may sound like a pain, the tips can sometimes be enormous.

Waitress/Hostess- Again, if you’re thinking this is like serving up hash browns at the Waffle House, you’ve probably clicked on the wrong article. Hostesses inside sports betting establishments are on the run their entire shift, but they also probably make the best tips in the world because the gamblers love them.

Security Consultant– Maybe you see yourself more as the James Bond type; tracking down criminals and foiling their evil plans. Sportsbooks usually have a large security staff ranging from bouncers to cheating experts, and with a little on-the-job training it can actually lead to a very promising career.

Insider Expert- Okay, so maybe you think that gambling is immoral and you really do not want to work for a casino anyway. That doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on this industry if you’re really good at picking winners; just sell your picks to other gamblers for a guaranteed profit. Of course, to be seen as legitimate you’ll have to get a job inside the industry first, so maybe it’s not for you after all.

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