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Have you ever stopped and wondered what professional gamblers and bookmakers know about the world of sports betting that you don’t? Well, there are quite a lot of things that you or I wouldn’t think about that could effect the outcome of a sporting event, and many of them are so darn simple once you realize the secrets that it makes you wonder why you didn’t think of that in the first place.

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Take the Miami Dolphins, for example, an NFL team that has struggled and not seen a Super Bowl win since those magical seasons they had way back in the early seventies. Experts have yet to predict their squad to have a winning season in the past decade, yet they’ve started almost every year with consecutive wins over their opponents; including the eventual Super Bowl champions. How the heck could Miami beat powerhouses like New England in August and choke down the stretch so often, you ask?

The real sports betting pros have known that answer for decades; the visiting teams simply can not adjust to the South Florida heat so early in the season and the Miami players are much better conditioned than their opponents are. After the first few weeks the conditioning edge gradually tapers off, but until then Miami is a very good underdog bet against anyone in the league. Small insights like these can truly make the difference in the word of sports betting, which is why we recommend all of our readers to pick up a few good books on the subject. Here are our three favorites-

The Art of Bookmaking by Malcolm Boyle

In this title, Boyle goes deep into the numbers behind the numbers and explains why gamblers have absolutely no business placing a wager until they fully understand how the sportsbook system actually works. By breaking down the math and explaining the logic behind how sports betting businesses calculate their odds, Boyle shows the average gambler how to look for safest bets that even the professionals sometimes overlook.

Intelligent Gambling: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Beating the Odds by Tim Phillips

One of our favorite quotes from this book is, “Gambling is easy – but winning is tougher.” No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to sports betting and Phillips explains in this masterpiece where most gamblers make their biggest mistakes. This title covers everything from finding the best lines to handicapping like a pro, so we strongly recommend that everyone should read this book at least once.

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong


Stanford Wong has a great deal of credibility in the sports betting world, which is sort of an inside joke within the industry because it is actually the pen name of legendary gambler John Ferguson. His titles on blackjack were considered revolutionary back in the late 70’s and this was one of his first titles that focused solely on the sports betting industry. In this text, Wong explains how to wager at sportsbooks, what to look for in betting lines, when to bet big, and even how to determine the perfect sportsbook. It also has a section exclusively dedicated towards internet betting as well.

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