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Visa’s global motto is the catchy phrase, “It’s Everywhere You Want to be.” For anyone who has ever placed a wager at a roulette table, won a jackpot simply with the pull of a lever, or flopped a full house playing Texas Hold’em poker, a casino is almost definitely the place where you want to be because nothing says, “I’m alive” quite like raking in tons of someone else’s chips. Few places can generate such an electric thrill so instantly, and even gamblers that have beat the casinos for millions still go back for that frenzied adrenaline rush.


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With the advent of online gambling, it’s safe to say that for those of us not so lucky as to reside in Macau or Las Vegas, an online casino is where we want to be. In accordance with its motto, Visa is one of the most widely accepted credit cards for real-money deposits in online casinos. Here are the best casinos on the internet that accept Visa-

1. Rushmore Online

Rushmore Online’s most compelling feature is the gentle learning curve. Novice players are not thrown into the fighting ring with more experienced opposition immediately after signing up, and this site features many micro and small stakes poker tables for beginners to work their way up. This is bolstered by the site’s unique game history system which records the entire progression of every hand a gambler has ever played. This enables a rookie to learn from his mistakes much quicker than normal.

As an avid poker player myself, I found Rushmore’s gaming history feature to be absolutely indispensable. We often find ourselves falling into repetitive betting patterns; raising in early position only with a pocket pair or becoming aggressive in the cut-off to try to steal the blinds- this is dangerous in a market increasingly populated by ultra-tough competition. Your opponents have read the literature, watched the tournaments, and they’re ready to play like superstars today. With the Rushmore Online learning system, you’ll be ready to beat them at their own game; and with a Visa approval rate of nearly 100%, you’ll be taking them down in no time.

2. Bodog

No list of top online casinos would be complete without mentioning Bodog. Since its inception in 1994, it has continued to bring an absolute brilliant casino service experience to players around the world. Since opening shop, its record for withdrawals and deposits for its real money players has been spotless; not a single error in sixteen long years. This shows Bodog’s commitment to security and mutual trust; but more importantly, it shows that they care about their customers. Consider yet another example of outstanding service – Bodog was the trendsetter in terms of 24/7 customer service. The only reason you enjoy prompt, informative replies from customer service hotlines in every online casino is because Bodog did it first.

Sixteen years later, they continue to offer one of the most exciting gaming experiences around. Slots players in particular will enjoy the progressive jackpots where gamblers have often walked off with half a million off of a single spin, which is a record for the online industry.

3. Cherry Red

Particularly popular among American players since the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act by the US Judiciary in 2006, Cherry Red appeals to the younger, tech-savvy generation that likes to push their luck. Cutting edge graphics and a smooth game engine give the entire site the feel of a premium video game, which actually works for and against players at the same time. Many of the amateur players almost seem like they forget that they’re gambling in the first place, so seasoned players can make a ton of money at this website.

With a high rate of Visa acceptance and a signup process as easy as Rushmore Online (they are part of the same online gaming network); you can delve right into the wealth of content Cherry Red offers and fill up your virtual account in no time.

4. Slots Oasis

Nothing says “Vegas” quite like the clink of a cascade of multicoloured chips spilling right out into your hand. If you enjoy slots, Slots Oasis, is definitely the place for you. Although it is one of the more specialised sites on the market, the slot machines are technologically advanced, both in graphics and execution, and offer some of the largest jackpots found anywhere in the world. Ever heard of leisure gamblers who won $10,000 in a single day online? It’s not an urban legend– not at Slots Oasis, anyway.

Slots Oasis is well above average when it comes to Visa acceptance rates but the processing time can vary.

5. Sportsbook Online

Looking to intensify the excitement of watching your favourite sports team play? There’s no better place to slap down a friendly wager than Sportsbook! Even better, head to the poker tables during the half-time break and show those rookies what online gambling is all about. Most of the players are purely recreational and just taking a break from the more standard casino fare, so any experienced poker stud should be able to make a steady profit from these fishy players.

The only problem is a low credit card approval rate, though its Visa acceptance rates are noticeably higher than for other brands. You may have to try several times to get your transaction approved, but the wait may just be worth it if you’re good at sniffing out weak tables.

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