Best VISA Sportsbooks

Nowadays it really doesn’t matter where you go on the net or what links you click on, chances are better than average that you’ll see an ad for an online sportsbook, casino, or poker room somewhere along the way. Recent statistics show that one in twelve people worldwide have made a deposit at an online gaming establishment within the past two years, and about a third of them used a credit card to fund the account. The problem is that almost 70% of all gamblers worldwide are taking a serious risk…do you always gamble with VISA?

Best Sports Betting Services June 2023

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2. Bovada Bovada yes yes n/a Bovada Play Now!
3. betonline BetOnline yes yes n/a BetOnline Play Now!
4. intertops Intertops yes yes n/a Intertops Play Now!
5. sportsbetting Sportsbetting yes yes n/a Sportsbetting Play Now!
6. americas cardroom America’s Cardroom yes yes n/a America’s Cardroom Play Now!
7. blackchip-poker Blackchip Poker yes yes n/a Blackchip Poker Play Now!

Sure, the online sportsbooks listed above take all kinds of payments; debit cards, money orders, eChecks, and about a dozen other options. You can also use credit cards like MasterCard or Maestro as well, but behind every payment form we’ve named so far there’s a serious problem as well. Let’s take a look at why you should be making gaming deposits with VISA-

Other Credit Cards

There are some reputable gambling companies that will accept credit cards like American Express, Discover, or Maestro, but a little known secret within the industry is that all of these companies do not like working with online sportsbooks. Between the various regional laws and the location of credit card processing centers, most of these cards receive rejections about as much as they get accepted. The only card with close to a 100% approval rate inside sports betting sites is VISA.

Bank Transfers/ eChecks

Sure, sending payment through a bank sounds like a great idea…until a hacker plants a virus on your system and remotely monitors you typing in your financial account information. This happens thousands of times every hour of every day and it has nothing to do with online websites; once a hacker gains access to your system they can monitor it forever. Now, I don’t need to tell you what kind of chaos this can cause when all of your money mysteriously disappears, but if you used a VISA card then the funds are 100% protected from fraud.

Third Party Transfer Sites

A lot of people prefer funding their sportsbook account through sites like these because its supposed to be easy, but in all honesty it does not make a single bit of sense. Online casinos and sports betting sites have world-renowned encryption methods that rival Federal Governments; why would you pay another website (with far less security) to move your money for you? The funny part is, most customers fund these types of accounts with VISA…it’s nothing more than wasted money.

Everything Else

There are several other payment options available out there as well, but hopefully by now you realize that they simply do not have your best interest at heart. Since you never know when a hacker is going to attack or what third party websites are completely secure, always trust all of your sportsbook deposits to VISA. It’s the only card on the planet that keeps you 100% safe (100% of the time) and accepted by 100% of the sports betting sites in cyberspace.

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