Visa Gift Card Wagering

At times, our staff does some pretty dumb stuff around the office; just like people everywhere occasionally do while at work. It’s important to have fun on the job and we’re definitely living proof of that, even though things do sometimes get a little bit out of hand and we come within inches of being fired. Of course, we’re not here to talk about our in-house antics…this is an article about Visa gift cards and sportsbooks. Although it may sound like another one of our dumb ideas, there are actually several reasons why you should be in the habit of gambling with gift cards yourself.

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Unmatched Safety

Okay, you want to place a wager on an upcoming football match…what do you do? Everyone knows that the Internet can certainly be a dangerous place whenever financial transactions are concerned; even though most online sportsbooks are completely secure, there are still plenty of ways for criminals to get their hands on your credit card number. A Visa gift card eliminates this growing fear because the account does not belong to you; it’s just a one-use item that’s thrown away afterwards. This leaves you 100% secure with any Internet purchase.

Visa Acceptance Rates

Not just any old gift card will do though, because acceptance rates at any kind of sportsbook is shaky at best. To be sure that your gaming deposit will clear nearly 100% of the time, Visa is truly the only card on the market for your everyday needs. Now, we know that several other gift card manufacturers make a similar claim and they may have great intentions, but thousands of pages of political mumbo-jumbo throughout the world seems to muck up the process and perfectly good gift cards get denied in the online gambling world. Visa is the only one that works just about every single time.

Superior Protection

For the sake of argument, let’s say that a thief somehow gets a hold of your Visa gift card before all of the money on it is spent. In this case it really doesn’t matter if the funds were stolen online or straight from your pocket, because the result will be the same in either case. With other companies you’re completely out of luck, but Visa offers 100% fraud protection and you will be reimbursed almost immediately (usually within 2-3 days) with another gift card. As long as you have a receipt of purchase, you’re covered.

Ridiculous Spending Limits

Besides, serious gamblers need a gift card that can cover almost any bet, and most of the companies out there set hard caps at a few hundred dollars. Now, that may be enough to bet a couple of horse races but it certainly will not cover some of the more serious wagers on sporting events. Gamblers need a gift card that sees online betting in the same light that they do, and only Visa meets each and every one of those criteria.

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