Poker Sites That Accept VISA – Online Poker Sites That Take VISA

Below are the best poker sites of 2018 poker websites accepting Visa credit cards. These US Poker Rooms all offer fast cashouts and easy deposit methods.

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Visa is currently one of the most recognized credit card names within the world today. This company has focused on serving the consumer through a variety of industry-leading innovations for the past fifty years, which is why it can be found within more wallets around the world than any other card. Visa is also an excellent option for those looking to place wagers within online poker rooms and this article will summarize that process.

The Benefits of Using Visa at Online Poker Rooms

Choosing to make your online poker deposits with Visa is a simple decision because of the overwhelming number of benefits associated with the card. Below are some of the many highlights-

@ Theft Protection

Whenever you use a Visa card to make an online purchase, all transactions are completely covered against theft, fraud, or any type of defective purchase. This protection comes with zero liability to the consumer; meaning that you’ll never have to pay anything as long as the problem is reported in a timely fashion.

@ Excellent Approval Times

There are many options when it comes to making an online deposit within a poker room, but none of them are faster than when a Visa Card is used. On average, most credit card poker websites can gain instant approval with Visa and have the funds transferred to your poker account in ten minutes or less. Other credit cards may take several hours or even days to complete the same type of transaction.

@ Worldwide Currency

Since Visa is used by consumers all over the world, you’ll never have to worry about figuring out currency conversions or paying brokerage fees; these services are provided to all Visa Card members absolutely free of charge.

@ Visa Customer Rewards

Visa has loyalty reward programs within many regions of the world to offer their clients a number of enticing gifts and promotions. If your purchases earn you frequent flier miles or reward points, then depositing money within an online poker room can be a very valuable transaction.

Since many of the top casinos give matching deposit bonuses for some of their premiere clients, a player could deposit the maximum amount eligible for free bonus cash and then withdraw the entire deposit after the required playing time is met (to secure the bonuses, that is). That gives them free money to play with at the poker room plus miles/points on their Visa Card at the same time…which essentially translates to substantial bonuses without actually spending any money at all.

How to Acquire a Visa Card

@ Credit Cards

A Visa Credit Card can be obtained through many financial institutions or credit unions by completing a short application and passing a basic credit check. The maximum balance on the Visa Card would depend on the applicant’s previous credit history and the number of loans that they currently have active.

@ Debit Cards

Visa Debit Cards are linked to a consumer’s bank account to give them more options on ways to make purchases. It is important to note, however, that debit cards are treated a bit differently when it comes to liability protection. Consumers must first report any fraudulent activity to the financial institution that issued the card and then to Visa. Each bank will have different policies on reimbursements, so be sure to check with them beforehand.

@ Pre-Paid Visa Credit Cards

A pre-paid Visa Card can be purchased at thousands of retail stores across the globe and they work exactly the same way that a credit card would. The Visa Logo ensures that there is 100% liability protection and the maximum limit would be whatever the consumer decides to deposit within the account. This is an excellent option for those without a credit card who wish to play poker online for real money.

Poker Rooms to Avoid with Visa Cards

Even though your Visa purchases are fully protected in almost every situation, there are a number of websites to avoid to save the consumer from having any problems with filing a claim.

@ Non-Affiliated Casinos

Every legitimate online poker room is sanctioned by a governing body that specializes in checking their security measures, the fairness of the poker room, and the overall payouts to the players. If a poker room is not affiliated with one of these organizations, then no deposits should be made there. It is most likely a fraudulent website.

@ Poor Security Ratings

Likewise, every reputable poker room has credit card processing servers that are as secure as any financial institution. If your information is not encrypted during the sending process, then criminals can easily intercept that information. If the poker room’s security ratings are not excellent (check this statistic through their affiliate gaming commission), do not even consider playing for real money there.

@ Weak Customer Service

Likewise, never use your Visa Card at a poker room that can not answer all of your questions. Fraudulent websites are created each and every day in order to lure unsuspecting gamblers into giving away their money, and one of the easiest ways to tell the legitimacy of the website is to pick up a telephone and call them. If they are hesitant with answers, find another online poker room.

@ Unclear Withdrawal Procedures

Some of the less reputable websites will complicate matters by listing unclear terminology that makes it almost impossible to determine when your winnings can be removed. Even if deposits at these types of websites were made with a Visa card, it is not considered fraudulent to withhold winnings if it is written in plain text.

Most reputable online poker rooms allow their customers to withdraw funds from the casino at any time, without any restrictions or fees whatsoever. Do not conduct business with any poker room that does not have a similar policy.

What Types of Online Poker Rooms Accept Visa ?

Ultimate Bet Poker Visa Deposits

Ultimate Bet Poker has a Visa approval rate at nearly 100%, which is literally unheard of within any casino (online or otherwise). This doesn’t happen by chance, mind you, and they have spent considerable time working alongside Visa so that they can find ways to bypass even the toughest of regulations when they deal with time restrictions or deposit amounts (which happens in some countries). UB’s deposit bonuses are also among the highest on the internet.

UB also happens to be the most popular poker room in the world since it was created by WPT champions for the sole purpose of having a website that truly complimented players of any skill level. The customer service is among the best around, there are plenty of tournaments and incentives, and the quality of players is among the best you will find anywhere in the world.

Absolute Poker Visa Deposits

Absolute Poker is another destination that has very high approval rates when it comes to Visa. Although it is not quite as high as what you’d find at UB, over 90% of their Visa transactions are processed successfully from customers all over the world. Their deposit bonuses for new players are also particularly appealing, especially when combined with a Visa Rewards Card that gives cash back or travel miles.

Absolute Poker also offers a variety of poker rooms designed to attract all skill levels of players. There are also multiple stakes formats so that everyone can feel comfortable placing a wager at this website, and they also have among the largest tournament play found anywhere.

Sportsbook Poker Visa Deposits

Sportsbook Poker has been around longer than all of the other poker rooms on this list combined, and through their experiences they have successfully boasted a 90% approval rate on Visa Cards for well over a decade now. The processing time is also especially fast, allowing gamblers to take their seats as tables within mere minutes.

Sportsbook is also known for its wide variety of casino games, live interactive sports betting, and live dealer games that take place via webcams. They have truly been the leading innovator in the world of online poker since their inception, which is why many players are so loyal to this particular website.

Players Only Poker Visa Deposits

Players Only also has excellent acceptance rates on Visa Cards and they offer more deposit bonus options than any other website. Their customer service agents are also able to receive approval in minutes for the majority of worldwide players and the withdrawal process is just as easy.

Those who have played there will not be surprised by these facts, however, because this site offers hundreds of additional side bets and extra incentives to players that can not be found anywhere else. Players Only Poker has always gone out of their way to ensure that their customers have a world class experience every time that they visit the website, so if you’re seeking a new poker room then this is an excellent option.

Using VISA For Online Poker Deposits in 2018

VISA’s famous tagline promises that the popular credit card is “everywhere you want to be,” but does that promise include online poker rooms? In most cases it does indeed. VISA represents more than a third of the entire credit card market and a majority of the debit card market. Aside from cash, VISA is one of the most widely accepted forms of payments in the world, making it a smart and easy choice when you’re making a deposit to a poker site.

Many would-be players miss out on everything that cash online poker has to offer because of misconceptions about how the process works. These same players may shop on eBay or other online sites every day without giving it a second thought, but myths and ignorance have them convinced that online poker is something illicit, or at the very least inaccessible. Knowing that a brand as well-recognized and respected as VISA is affiliated with online poker gives many people the confidence necessary to get started.

So how do you get started? If you’re making your first online poker deposit with VISA, then it’s easy. If you use a poker site that won’t accept your VISA, then you’ll have to open an E-wallet to deposit. Alternately, if you choose an online poker room that does accept VISA, it’s generally an instant deposit option which means that you can have funds in your player account the same day you sign up for it. It’s a nice perk that ensures that you never miss the buy-in for an important event or a special limited time bonus offer.

Making a VISA deposit will go even smoother if you come prepared. By that we mean having your card on-hand and being ready to call if they need a first time authorization. You may also need to send a copy of an official form of I.D. either by fax or email. Once it’s done, you’ll have paved the way for all future deposits. American poker players can also take heart. Many poker rooms – including the popular sister sites UB and Absolute Poker – actually recommend that U.S. players use VISA as their deposit method.

Having an approved VISA on your account can be handy in other ways too. For example, some poker sites offer their players a one-click deposit option which simplifies the funds transfer process. Others will allow you to add funds to your player account without leaving a table, which is both convenient and smart if the action is hot and you need a deeper stack. The fact that VISA deposits are almost always free is also nice for budget-minded players that don’t want to see their small deposits get swallowed up by fees.

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