Lake Tahoe Sportsbook

If you ever stopped to take a close enough look inside the sports betting world, then you might come to realize, as we have, that there really is not a whole heck of a lot going on. Sure, it is always exciting to place wagers on our favorite teams and watch them battle it out against a hated rival opponent in a room full of confident, angry gamblers, but once the game is over then you really have only two other options- place another wager or go find something else to do.

Unfortunately, a lot of us will choose to make that extra wager on the evening game that we really do not know a whole lot about, and that’s usually where we wave goodbye to our earlier profits while we try to figure out what the heck just happened. Wiseguys and other sports-betting pros will tell you to never place a wager on anything that you do not know like the back of your hand, so you probably should have walked out the door and enjoyed something else the town has to offer.

You’re probably starting to wonder if our little lecture here is ever going to get anywhere, and we most certainly promise you that it is. If you’re going to take a small vacation to place a few sports betting wagers here and there on a handful of games, then you better stay as far away from Las Vegas as you possibly can. It’s not that Vegas is not great, mind you, because our staff loves Sin City probably more than any city on the planet. Instead, we recommend that you book your vacation to a quieter, more peaceful town so you will not get your priorities confused.

If you’ve never visited Harvey’s Sports Betting in Lake Tahoe, then you have absolutely no idea what you are actually missing out on. This popular destination is divided into two separate gambling rooms (one for horses, one for sports bets) so you’re surrounded with like-minded individuals who probably share your love of the industry. There’s over 80 televisions packed into Harvey’s and most of them are those fancy HD flat-screen models with the huge price tags, so you’ll definitely going to get an excellent view of your favorite team in action.

If you’re one of those high roller types, they’ll even set you up with your own personal betting room that comes equipped with a personal representative to place your bets (and to fetch you nachos!). The hotel rooms are also fantastic; Harvey’s delivers excellent all-around service, a great staff, and one heck of a good time.

The real reason that we recommend Harvey’s in Lake Tahoe, however, is for after your big wager pays off and it’s time to find something else to do (remember…we mentioned that we were making a point earlier). Lake Tahoe may just be the most beautiful place on Earth; where else are you going to get 9,000 foot mountains, serene lakes, and stunning beaches all in the same place? The sportsbook is actually nestled right next to a gorgeous ski lodge plus there are plenty of hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities to keep you busy year-round. We even thought that we saw Bigfoot there back in 2006 (it was actually Steve looking for his underwear…don’t tell his wife or kids about it though).

So let’s recap real fast here. If you’re a big-time poker or blackjack player, go to Vegas. If you’re single and you’re looking for a 24 hour party with more free drinks than a van full of Irish football players can handle, go to Vegas. If you want to wake up from a comatose dream and wonder how lipstick got on your collar, okay…you get the point…definitely go to Vegas if you’re looking for the party scene.

For everyone else, hop on a plane and head over to Harvey’s at Lake Tahoe. Not only will you be able to focus on your sports bets a little better, but there are also about a million things to do there that will help you clear your mind and get ready for another night of betting. Trust us, we speak from experience…if you’re a serious gambler looking to make a series of smart bets then check out Harvey’s. You can thank us now.

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