Sportsbook Iphone App Review

There is absolutely no doubt in our staff’s minds that the future of online gambling lies within our smartphones. Think about it- your cell phone is ultra portable, can receive high-speed transmissions, and it is probably already one of your favorite toys when it comes to passing boredom throughout the day. Combine those features with the online gambling industry and we predict that it will be an instant hit on the iPhone or any other compatible device. As a matter of fact, in some parts of the world it already is.

For now, there are already several sports betting applications available on the iPhone that allows gamblers to place wagers while they’re on the run. The best one our staff has found so far is offered by , and this article will offer a full review of the available app and its features.

The iPhone App- Overview

The iPhone betting app offered by is a very basic program that offers excellent overall functionality. Most of the other apps made the mistake of trying to pack in far too much information for a tiny, 3′ screen to handle, making it difficult to view betting lines or finding advanced wager options. Sportsbook solved this problem by streamlining all of the most important information right where it needs to be while offering plenty of tabs for experienced betters that seek customization. on iPhone- The Good

What we particularly liked about this iPhone app was the relative ease in finding the match-ups that we wanted to bet on; it never took less than three clicks to find any wager offered at Considering that they offer online betting on worldwide sporting events, politics, celebrity nominations, and dozens of other categories, this was an impressive feat.

Another thing that we liked about the Sportsbook iPhone app was what wasn’t there; they didn’t try to pack the pages with unnecessary graphics or other information that would hinder loading time. The overall server response time was excellent. on iPhone- The Bad

Unfortunately, users are still limited to their iPhones, which means that you’re dealing with a tiny screen that can not display a fraction of what you’d see on the web from a home computer. Sportsbook has limited this inconvenience by streamlining the layouts so that information is easier to find inside limited space, and it really is done better than what you would find on the other apps on the market. Honestly our complaint here has more to do with the iPhone than the application. on iPhone- Overall

As we’ve previously stated, this technology is still very new for gamblers and there are a lot of kinks to be worked out within all sports betting applications. For now, however, we definitely feel that has the best product on the market. Given this website’s tendencies to upgrade their software frequently, we expect that they should lead the online iPhone betting industry for the next several years.

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