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If you’re new to the world of online gaming then you probably do not even know what people mean when they talk about instant casino games and no download craps. They are essentially referring to websites that have each of your favorite gaming titles available directly from your internet browser, meaning that no download is required.

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Early Internet Casino Games

In the past, using the no download method meant that players would have to sacrifice graphical quality and other common perks that they became used to in downloadable casino software. The no-download craps tables, for example, would not even show the dice being rolled and it would take several seconds after the bet to even see if the player had won or lost. That was a serious turn off to betters because the game itself appeared to be rigged in some fashion; who’s to say that the computer wasn’t studying your bets during that slight pause to determine how the dice should read?

How Flash and Java Changed Everything

Ten years ago, the only way to add graphics to a website was by manually programming each pixel with a color, and with enough colored pixels you would eventually have a pattern or an image. The overall quality was poor, the website itself took forever to load, and you could forget about animations or actual video clips…the process just took up way too much space. Flash and Java, two separate programming codes used to deliver high quality graphics, basically made complex designs possible without sacrificing loading times or accessibility.

So how does it work? In a nutshell, no download craps takes advantage of either Adobe Flash or Java technologies in order to deliver high quality graphics to users. Without getting too technical, these types of software applications require extensive programming but they are very small in size…so small in fact that you can download the program each time you visit your favorite Java or Flash website.

The bigger benefit is what developers can do with these types of platforms though; it can make web pages truly come to life with interactive graphics and features that were never available to consumers before without a huge download. By programming animations in Java, developers can ensure that webpages still load quickly while giving consumers a high quality experience.

The Benefits of No Download Craps

The newest versions of Java/Flash craps casinos are a drastic improvement over the traditional online games that you’ve become used to. Not only do they load faster and deliver the action seamlessly, but they are also much more visually appealing as well. In fact, many gamblers do not even bother with downloading their casino’s official software anymore because there is really not a difference in quality at all. Although much of that has to do with improved internet speeds around the globe, a lot of the improvements can be attributed to the advance in Flash and Java technologies as well.

So why should you be playing no download craps? There are a few reasons, starting with a phrase that every online gambler should know very well- random number emulator. The older software casinos were supposed to be completely random by design and mimic the play that you’d experience in a traditional brick and mortar casino, but the results were simply too erratic to be called random. After a dozen or so hands of the dealer mysteriously hitting 21 or after the third 12 in a row is thrown on the craps tables, it makes even the most devout fan wonder if something is not amiss within the software programming.

Besides offering truly random play that makes the overall odds very appealing, no download craps also makes your favorite online casino portable. Suddenly you can access your account from any computer system, laptop, iPhone, or tablet without any problems, al the while remaining completely anonymous on the system after you exit out of the website. This makes is easy to gamble while at work, waiting on an appointment, while shopping, or anywhere you have a few moments of free time.

The Best No Download Craps Tables

There are several Flash/Java craps games out there for gamblers to enjoy but only a few of them are actually available on safe websites with great customer service and prompt payout schedules. Here are our top three-

Rome Casino

Not only is the no download craps at Rome Casino one of the best programs you’ll find anywhere, but their current promotions are almost too darn good to pass up on. New players can receive up to a 500% on their first ten deposits at the Rome Casino website and earn extra cash and prizes through their VIP loyalty program. No wonder it is the most popular online casino in the world.


WinPalace is another excellent destination for players looking for Vegas-like action at a no download craps table. Their graphics are among the best that you’ll find anywhere and their on-site customer service really goes out of their way to make each and every player feel special. A 200% instant deposit bonus is waiting for new players as well, so be sure to give this great online casino a try!

Poker Titan

Poker Titan is one of the newer instant craps websites available in cyberspace and some of their current promotions have never been seen in this type of gaming. They also offer a 500% instant deposit bonus for new players and their Flash games are among the best you’ll find anywhere in terms of quality and loading times. It also helps that they have one of the fastest processing centers that I’ve ever seen in an online gaming establishment with several instant payout options that work well for the casual gambler.

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