Gift Card Online Casinos 2018


Below are the best casino sites accepting VISA as well Gift Cards from the same brand in 2018. Your cards will be accepted and processed immediately from the casinos listed in the table below.


Recommended Online Casinos May 2024

1. ignition Ignition yes yes n/a Ignition Play Now!
2. Bovada Bovada yes yes n/a Bovada Play Now!
3. betonline BetOnline yes yes n/a BetOnline Play Now!
4. intertops Intertops yes yes n/a Intertops Play Now!
5. sportsbetting Sportsbetting yes yes n/a Sportsbetting Play Now!
6. americas cardroom America’s Cardroom yes yes n/a America’s Cardroom Play Now!
7. blackchip-poker Blackchip Poker yes yes n/a Blackchip Poker Play Now!


Do you remember that old Visa gift card that was put in your sock drawer last Christmas to remind yourself to buy more socks and underwear? Well, you’ve made it this long without those slick Scooby Doo boxers so you might as well spend it on something useful. In fact, if you’re the gambling type then there’s no reason why you couldn’t turn that little Visa gift card into a whole lot of money…and we’re going to teach you how to make money at a Visa Gift Card Casino.

Ignition casinoPlay For Real Money At Ignition Casino

Visa Gift Card Gambling

Did you know that the industries top gambling sites will take your gift card as a deposit option? We’re talking about Casino Titan for great blackjack or roulette action, and Lock Poker to square off against some of the easiest fish on the planet in Texas Holdem. Sure, that Visa gift card may only be $20-30 now, but in a few short hours you could turn it into hundreds. Look on the bright side; even if you lose…at least you got out of shopping for socks. If you win though, like many of our readers do, then you have a story to someday tell your grandchildren.

Visa Gift Card Casinos

Then there are all of those great casino games that you and I have grown to love. Casino Titan offers Visa gift card gambling on slot machines, keno, blackjack, crap, roulette, and about 100 other quality casino games. The odds are actually better than you’d find at your local casino, which makes the earnings potential a heck of a lot greater as well. Be sure to click the above link so you can receive our exclusive 100% instant match deposit bonus…the free money always comes in handy when you’re gambling on a small Visa gift card.

With the poker shutdown over in the United States, many online gambling sites showed exactly what they were worth…just about nothing. Out of the chaos came Lock Poker, however, and their world class poker room sent one clear message throughout cyberspace- “Hey, we built our reputation on taking care of our players and following regional laws. Give us a try.” Well, over ten million of you did in the months following the FBI shutdowns and it is now the largest quality poker room in cyberspace.

Oh, I guess we forgot to mention that they accept Visa gift cards for deposits as well; Lock Poker also gives a 110% instant bonus on your first deposit. The tournament play at this website is about the best you’ll find anywhere (including at local casinos) and their stakes tables are seriously ripe for the picking. Besides, if you have to choose between underwear and being an international gambling superstar, was there really a reason to read this article to begin with?

Visa Gift Card Sportsbooks

Think about it…what could be easier than laying a bet on your favorite professional team? If they win then you’re doubling your Visa gift card amount almost immediately, which gives you plenty of cash on hand to venture out into some of the more exotic sports bets.

For more information, we recommend that you peruse the recently launched GCG is a resource designed to help prospective casino players make the most from their gift cards.

The Online Gaming Industry Is Looking Up

Things are really starting to look up in the world of online casinos for US players, and if the past few months are any indication of what’s to come then we’re all in for one heck of an online gaming experience in the near future. From new gaming legislation to the launch of live dealer gambling across cyberspace, there will be little reason to even visit a brick and mortar casino anymore. The odds are better online, the casinos all give deposit bonuses, and there’s absolutely no waiting for an empty table or listening to some jerk who’s already drank three too many.

We’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves though, so let’s take a quick step back. Online casinos began springing up around the internet about fifteen years ago with odds that blew away anything you’d ever see in Vegas. The action was fast since players were wagering against the computer, and in a short span of time a skilled gambler could acquire a small fortune in games like blackjack and roulette. Of course, there were plenty of games implemented with massive house odds as well so even the honest casinos were still making out like bandits; and unfortunately not all of them were even trying to be legitimate. In fact, some casinos intentionally manipulated their software to grant insurmountable odds to the house.

Some pioneers within the gaming world suspected such trends, and some of them went to such lengths as returning to school to grab a computer degree. With their newfound knowledge they set off to discover the randomness of the deals and shuffles made by the computer, and before you knew it there were players hacking into casinos and manipulating the odds as well. Not only would these clever geniuses stack the odds so that they won a bundle, but they’d also make it so that other players lost well in excess of what they should have to even out the daily payouts. Since the casinos didn’t see a drop in payouts it was business as usual for a decent bit of time; until finally legitimate players and casinos grew tired of corrupt gaming.

Compliance companies like Technical Systems Testing (TST) arrived on the scene as early as 1993, but the casinos really had little to gain by proving that they were running a legitimate operation. Sure, it was nice to have a little stamp of approval on their websites from an official sounding company, and many of the corrupt owners simply made up a name of a verification service themselves. It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that the governments really started getting involved in forcing the industry to adhere to a standard set of rules, and to this day there are still hundreds of unregulated online gaming casinos floating around the internet.

The Safest & Highest Standard Online Casinos

Below are casinos that have been verified by compliance leaders like TST and local governments:

Rushmore is another great online casino that take player safety and fairness seriously, which is why it has always been a great place to play. One of their features that is especially appealing is traceable statistics on every single hand you ever play at their website; which means if you want to go back and review your play then it’s right there for you to see. Amateur players find this a huge benefit when learning new games and it helps to discover new and improved betting patterns that can make any game pay out in your favor. Rushmore also offers special deposit bonuses for blackjack and slots players, so if either of these are your games then this may be the casino you should start at. They have historically accepted Visa Gift Card deposits.

Bodog hit the online gaming scene over a decade ago with only one goal in mind; to make a virtual casino that was every bit as glamorous and appealing as a brick and mortar building located on the strip in Atlantic City. They started out offering live 24/7 customer support when such an idea was unheard of, and they followed up with a flurry of comps for players that frequented their online casino. They also quickly built a name across the world wide web for their spectacular progressive jackpots when one lucky gambler walked away with just shy of a half million dollars off of a single spin, and they’ve been mentioned in the same breath as the greatest online gaming sites out there ever since. Bodog accepts Visa gift cards.

Cherry Red kind of went in a different direction than the average casino and instead of installing the same programs seen everywhere else, they invested millions of dollars in real-time gaming software that looks visually stunning. In fact, many players would argue that they have the best overall graphics of any casino on the internet, and that is truly saying something amongst all the competition. Cherry Red also offers game histories on slots, video poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, and dozens of other popular games, and their overall approval rate for US player’s ranks right up there with the best of them.

If you’re a dedicated slots player, then you can definitely stop looking for an online casino to call home. Slots Oasis has the most advanced slots machines found anywhere on the internet, and some of their jackpots have gone down in the history books as being the biggest online payouts ever. In fact, it seems like a player is hitting a progressive jackpot for $10,000+ almost every day at Slots Oasis and there’s no reason you can’t be the next in line. Their customer service is also second to none, so be sure to give them a try and experience Vegas action straight from your living room. Slots Oasis is a good site to deposit to using Visa Gift cards.

Although Sportsbook may be the last casino on our list of great places to play, their selection of gaming rivals any site on the internet hands down. They feature both American and European rule sets for roulette and many popular casino games, which true gamblers know gives a much higher edge to the average player. Sportsbook is also in the process of launching their live dealer gaming for players within the United States, but unfortunately their approval rate on credit card transactions has been lower than many of the others already mentioned. Once Congress repeals the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that made it illegal for financial institutions to transfer money to casinos, this will once again be one of the premiere sites for US gamblers to wager. Sportsbook and Players Only are two casinos with excellent acceptance rates of VISA gift cards.

Bet 365 is perhaps the oldest casino on the internet that has always put their players before anything else, which is why they have always been the industry leader in online gaming. They offer over 150 casino style games with excellent overall odds, and US players can instantly deposit funds through wire transfer or credit card. Of course, they were also one of the first online casinos to ever offer live dealer blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, a move that has truly revolutionized the industry and set the standard for quality gaming for the next decade. Bet 365 also has tons of bonus promotions for their players every single day, so if you’re new to online gaming you may as well start with the pinnacle of what a virtual casino should be. Best365 is a casino that accepts VISA gift cards.

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