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Below are the best craps bonuses for 2018. Click a casino to collect your bonus !


Recommended Online Casinos June 2023

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One of our favorite things to do here at MyPokerBasics is to read emails from our readers around the net that have found an online casino that they can call home. That’s really the only reason why we’re here in the first place; helping you win money at your favorite gaming websites really makes us love our jobs. We definitely enjoy those strategy advice emails as well so be sure to keep sending them…thanks everyone!

In fact, a few of the emails that we received lately show that a few of our students have become experts at tracking down legitimate online craps welcome bonuses…a few of them have even found a few that the didn’t know about. Since it doesn’t seem fair for us to take credit for something that one of our readers told us, we’re going to let them have our craps sign-up bonus column this week.

Maximizing your Free Bonus Money

Our first guest speaker is named Josh Thompson and he’s from Dallas, Texas in the United States. Josh considers himself somewhat of a professional at the blackjack but he’s recently expanded his game to cover the craps tables as well. Here’s his email-

“I took your advice and tried out … live dealer blackjack tables; the quality of play was really good and I thought that was so cool with the webcams. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t question me when I upped my bets towards the end of each shoe either; I made over $2500 in my first forty-five minutes and nobody blinked an eye!

Then I saw their craps tables…they have a 100% craps sign up bonus for new players too. I asked the cashier if I was eligible since I had never played craps there before but I figured that she’d tell me I was crazy since I just transferred out almost three thousand dollars to another website. LOL…she let me do it though, so I figured I’d let you guys know about it. Why bet with my winnings when I can start over and get 100% extra chips to gamble with?”

Negotiating an Extra Bonus

Hans Steiner from Vienna, Austria has been a loyal reader of our website for several years now. Over the years he has sent us numerous tips on ways to get extra slots, baccarat, or craps sign-up bonuses and this was probably one of his favorites-

“Hey guys…grow a pair, will you? I keep reading that you guys are reporting the best craps sign-up bonuses around the net, but that’s really not the best bonus available. Here’s what I do. I choose two casinos from your list and I call both of them. I’ll tell each of them that I’m a VIP at the other website and I’m thinking about switching over…what will they do to earn my business?

You wouldn’t believe what they come up with sometimes…Rome Casino gave me a 500% craps sign-up bonus on a $1,000 bank transfer the other day and I cleared all of it in just under an hour. I was also up almost $2,000 at the time so I walked away with almost $8,000….all in sixty minutes! To make matters worse, I called them again today and they approved me again! Wow!”

Getting Around the Welcome Bonus Title for New Players

Stacy Johnson from Ontario, Canada claims to be a professional craps player that earns her living almost solely from online casinos. She’s played at just about all of them over the years but she keeps coming back to WinPalace and Casino Titan…here’s what she had to say about their deposit bonuses-

“I appreciate you guys constantly updating your website about the best online craps welcome bonus that each top room is offering; I probably clear $30,000 or more per year just off of that free money alone. Most of your readers wouldn’t be able to work the casinos like I do but I wanted to share my money-making method anyways.

WinPalace gives a 200% craps bonus for new players and Casino Titan is giving 400%…which is a lot of free money if you deposit the maximum. Anyway, I go to a local store and buy about 10 pre-paid credit cards at a time, and then I set up multiple accounts at each casino while I’m driving around town on my laptop. Then I play craps, clear the bonuses on each account, and send all of it back to the pre-paid credit cards. If you know how to play craps, it’s really easy money!”

Watching the Overall Odds

Carlos Ramirez is an amateur craps player from Monterrey, Mexico who spends a good bit of time inside online casinos. He says that he prefers them to his local casinos because of the overall experience but we’ll let him tell his story-

“Hey poker guys! Thanks for the tip on Rome Casino. They’re way better than my hometown casinos like Crystal Palace and Casino Casa Blanca cause they really make me feel like I’m welcomed there. These local places only care about taking my money and letting in a new shooter. Besides, the craps sign-up bonus at Rome Casino is good every time I send them money, plus the VIP program lets me get free stuff in the mail! Thanks again poker guys and keep up the good work!”

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