United States Craps For Real Money

In the United States, craps is one of the most popular casino games. Many players have been led to believe that playing craps online is illegal, but this is inaccurate; there are still many casinos that accept USA players, and no laws prohibiting Americans from playing at them. This means that craps action is always just a few clicks away! Read on to see our list of the best online craps sites for players in the United States.

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Craps is a confusing game to many who haven’t played it before, which often makes new players shy away from trying it. This is a shame, as craps is – even without considering the great odds you get while playing – a whole lot of fun. In fact, if you’re a casual gambler who’s just out to have a good time, there’s probably no better game to learn than craps; the strategy required to get the best odds possible is simple to remember, and you’ll have a blast at the same time.

If you are new to the game, here’s a quick summary of the basic framework of the game. While there are dozens of other bets possible, we’re just going to focus on the main bet that drives the action – which, incidentally, is also the best bet on the table for you to play.

Craps begins with one player (known as the shooter) throwing two dice. Each time the dice are thrown, the total of the two dice are added together to get a result. The most important bet you can make – and the one new players should stick with – is the pass line bet. You should make this bet before the shooter rolls what is known as the “come out roll.” If this roll results in a 7 or 11, you will win even money on your pass line bet. If it is a 2, 3, or 12, you’ll lose your bet.

On any other result, the number rolled will become “the point.” Your pass line bet will now win even money if the shooter can roll the point again before rolling a seven. If a seven if rolled first, you’ll lose the pass line bet. Overall, this pass line bet has a house edge of about 1.41% — one of the lower numbers you’ll find in any casino game.

But wait, there’s more! When a point is rolled, you’ll have the opportunity to “take the odds” behind your pass line bet. Depending on the rules of the casino you’re playing in, you may be able to make an odds bet up to a maximum of anything from 2x your initial bet to 100x (though the most common figures range from 3x to 5x). Depending on the point, the odds bet will pay out as follows:

Point of 6 or 8: 6-5
Point of 5 or 9: 3-2
Point of 4 or 10: 2-1

If you want to get great value for your money, you should always make this bet. Incredibly, this bet actually has zero house edge – it’s an entirely fair bet between you and the casino!

As you become more comfortable with the flow of the game, you may decide to throw in a few additional bets. However, for new craps players, sticking with the pass line and taking the odds is a great way to enjoy the game while getting some of the best odds you’ll ever see in a casino.

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