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Professional slot machine players know that there is a lot more to the game than just random chance. Sure, maybe how you pull the bar or deposit coins doesn’t have much effect on the overall payout, but choosing when to play and finding hot machines is well over half of the overall game. In fact, the majority of experienced slots players are simply chasing the huge payout on those progressive jackpots at the big-name casinos around the world, but now you don’t have to drive to the casino for Vegas-like action. This article will discuss online slot machines and how a credit or debit card can have you playing for big money in minutes.

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A Brief History of Credit Card Online Slot Machines

We’ve all seen it; those fly by night websites that offer massive payouts through incredible progressive jackpots. There are thousands of online casinos that offer slot machine play for players from all over the world, and if you read some of the fine print you’d see that many of them claim to have much higher payouts than traditional casinos. Many of them will even advertise right on the home page how many millions they’ve paid out to lucky winners over the past few months…and hopefully by now a red flag or two has popped up in your mind.

When was the last time that you’ve walked into a brick and mortar casino and saw pictures of past winners on the front door? It doesn’t happen because any legitimate establishment would protect the identity of their clients, and they do not need to throw out ridiculous claims in order to get gamblers to walk in the door. The casino’s customer service and the fairness of their slot machines is what bring in the players, and the exact same philosophy applies to online casinos.

There are many credit card online casinos out there today that prey on unsuspecting players. Most of them are not affiliated with any official gaming commission, and their only goal is to trick players into expecting a Vegas-like experience even though the odds are drastically in he casino’s favor. The few legitimate online slot machine websites really struggle at times to pull out of the industry’s horrid image; and believe it or not they have some of the best overall odds that you’ll find anywhere.

Why use Credit Cards to Gamble?

The philosophy behind this move is simple; the convenience is just too big to overlook. Now, that does not mean to max out your credit cards in attempt to become the net’s next instant millionaire, but if used responsibly this is an excellent way to make deposits.

Many gamblers also opt to add an extra layer of protection against their online transactions by purchasing a pre-paid credit card. These can be purchased at any major convenience store and there is usually no transaction fee for acquiring it. Money is deposited onto the card and it works exactly like a bank account, except that the user is completely anonymous while using this method. Even if a criminal somehow did access the credit card information, there’s no person associated with the account and nothing to steal.

Which Credit Card Slot Machines Pay Best?

The following list includes some of the biggest names in online gaming; and each of them also happen to have excellent progressive jackpots that would rival what you’d find inside any traditional casino. They also have excellent credit card approval rates as well, plus their world class security and great customer service will guarantee that your deposits and payouts will process without any problems.

Rome Casino

Rome Casino tops the charts when it comes to credit card casinos because they really understand what slot machine players are looking for when they sit down to gamble. They also take security very seriously; meaning that you’re not going to find out later that the huge progressive jackpot winner just happened to be one of the VP’s cousins. Everyone has a fair shot at taking home the big prizes in Rome Casino, and with hundreds of progressive pots up for grabs every day the possibilities are almost endless. With nearly a 98% payout rate, no other casino on the internet has given players a better chance to consistently win money.


WinPalace is another great online slots machine casino for players to win big money. They are a little bit less popular than Rome Casino because they’re fairly new, yet their jackpots can often reach the biggest payouts on the internet simply because they get a fair share of novice gamblers. If you know your slots and dedicate yourself to staying in until the big spin makes you the winner, then this is an excellent place to play. Their credit and debit card acceptance rates are also excellent.

SportsBook Casino

SportsBook is another international gaming website that has been around since the early days of the net. They have more variety inside their casino than anyone else on this list, and with a reputation based on high payouts and exceptional customer service you’ll be hard pressed to find a more exciting place to hit the slots. They also have very good approval rates with credit card deposits as well.

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