Casino Sites That Accept Credit Card Deposits


Online casinos normally offer numerous deposit options to assist their players in completing their initial transactions. These methods vary from bank wires to online brokerage accounts that can handle transferring the money from your bank to the casinos, but many of these methods can appear unappealing since they can sometimes take extended periods of time to clear. Credit cards are a much more popular deposit option because the funds are transferred almost instantly, the consumer has automatic fraud protection, and the entire process can be completed in mere seconds.


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Another reason that credit cards are such a popular option is because they offer an instant global currency. Once the player approves an amount to be deposited, the credit card company handles all of the details on their behalf. In most cases there are no approval forms to sign because the terms are predefined by the credit card issuer, and they will ensure that the casino transfers the money under the conditions that you originally agreed to. This is quite a valuable service in some regions in case a dispute ever arose, which is why most players prefer credit card deposits over any other method.

It is also important to note that there is a major difference between a credit card and a debit card. While both of these may carry a Visa or MasterCard logo, international laws dictate that money originating from a player’s bank account has to be dealt with in a separate manner. Consumers carry a much higher overall liability when using their bank card, and if a problem arises then it is up to the financial institution that issued you the card to make the final decision on how the situation will be handled.

When a problem arises with a credit card, players are automatically protected up to their full credit line. This not only includes instances like fraud, but it also includes accidental deposits that were made in error. If a bank card was used, the financial institution could state that it was a civil problem that they will not get involved in; forcing the player to hire an attorney or a private investigator out of their own pockets.

If you do not currently have a credit card with available funds for transfer, there is also an additional option. Many stores carry pre-paid MasterCard and Visa credit cards that can be purchased with cash or a debit card, and they are often available for minimal costs. Once the money is transferred to a pre-paid credit card, then players are free to make deposits anonymously and without any worry over fraud or unauthorized purchases. While these types of cards can be used over and over again by depositing additional currency through customer service, many players opt to deposit the exact amount that they will be transferring to the casino and then dispose of the card afterwards. Either way, the player’s money is 100% protected.

Here are all of the major worldwide credit cards that are accepted at top casinos-


In terms of approval rates for online casinos, there is not a better card to carry inside your wallet than MasterCard. Every casino accepts it worldwide and the transactions clear almost instantly, which means that you can have funds transferred to your account in about the same time it would take to download the casino interface. MasterCard also has great customer service and 100% online fraud protection; meaning that if a criminal somehow figured out a way to crack their leading encryption software you’d still have nothing to worry about.

Rushmore has approval rates on MasterCard that are close to 100% for international gamblers, while Cherry Red is easily the best bet for US players.

For some reason many casinos have experienced problems with MasterCard over the past few months, and many industry experts believe that it is the verification software that they are using. While some casinos will eventually confirm the approval by manually calling MasterCard, the three casinos mentioned above do not seem to have any of these issues.


True to their motto, Visa is accepted at just about every venue on the planet. Their various rewards programs alone make it a worthwhile choice since every purchase makes consumers eligible for fantastic give-aways; just last week a US card holder won season tickets for life to any professional sporting franchise he decided to choose. It is one of the most popular credit cards in the entire world and that shouldn’t change anytime soon, but in the same regard it’s not the card you should be reaching for when approaching any type of casino.

The reason for not using Visa inside casinos is purely political, and they do their absolute best to conform to any state or regional laws that prohibit gambling. This means that when you attempt to deposit money with a Visa card inside a casino, the transaction is immediately put on hold while the claim is being processed. A Visa representative has to physically pull the claim and visually confirm that it is a legitimate transaction, and this process can take up to five business days during busier times of the year. For this reason alone, it would make more sense to go to a convenience store and purchase a prepaid MasterCard after the first rejection from a reputable online casino. That way, the funds would be available immediately using this method and you can be betting within ten minutes instead of a week later.

American Express

Anyone who has ever carried an American Express card will tell you that it feels like celebrity treatment. Amex goes well out of the way for their customers with fantastic rewards programs that are truly hassle-free, top notch customer service, and enhanced security that monitors every customer’s card usage 24 hours per day. In the event that fraud does occur, American Express will handle 100% of the hassles in terms of applying for replacement cards (including credit cards from other companies, drivers licenses, and ID’s) and they will contact the police on your behalf. No other credit card comes even close it terms of taking care of their clients.

Unfortunately, not many online casinos accept American Express for deposits. The reasoning is simple; Amex charges a transaction fee to merchants in order to keep their client costs minimal. Most casinos are not about to cover 3% in fees when many of their games are granting close to the same odds, even though they end up giving away much more than that in deposit bonuses and other promotions with other credit cards.

Rushmore, Cherry Red, and Slots Oasis all accept American Express and have excellent instant approval rates. Choosing between them may seem difficult at first, so it’s probably good to know that they are all owned by the same parent company and their customer service is outstanding. Slots Oasis has hundreds of games, but they specialize in new and innovative slot machines with huge payouts and custom bonuses. Cherry Red tends to cater to the younger gamblers that love the state-of-the-art graphics, and many of the games on this website are fast-paced and exciting. Rushmore is just a fantastic all-around casino that has been an industry leader in payouts and customer satisfaction for well over a decade, so if you’re still unsure of which to choose then that’s probably the place to start.

Diners Club International

Diners Club is another exclusive credit card that is very selective when it comes to potential membership, and entrance into this exclusive society has fantastic appeal. Their members enjoy unmatched customer service when it comes to any of their everyday needs, and since the card is accepted worldwide there is no question that is too foreign. Another big perk is their rewards program, which lets their members decide how Diners Club can best serve them.

Diners Club experiences the same identical issues that plague American Express, so most online casinos refuse to accept this card even though it is sure to bring plenty of high rollers to their establishment. Cherry Red and Slots Oasis have no problem receiving instant approval for deposits in any amount, so sophisticated clientèle will be off and running within minutes.


The EuroCard is by far the most recognized name throughout Europe when it comes to credit cards, and to make it accessible for their clients worldwide it also comes with the MasterCard logo embossed on its front panel. This means that it is accepted under either name brand so you can use it at virtually any casino in the world, with the same acceptance problems we’ve already discussed for some of the more out-dated casinos.


JCB is another brand that is well recognized throughout Europe and Asia, but many of the Caribbean-based casinos will not accept it because of longer than average approval times. Rushmore has little problem receiving near-instant authorizations after a simple form is completed and sent electronically, so this is probably the place to start when using this brand name. Cherry Red and Slots Oasis both accept it as well.

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