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Want to know a secret? Playing no download slots at online casinos gives players the best overall odds on the planet for this type of game. The news gets even better though, because even though the average house odds inside legitimate online casinos is less than 2.5%, there are several easy ways to win a whole lot of money consistently. This article will point out some of the methods we have found to win at Java/Flash slots.

Pick your Poison at the Slots Tables

Most people are under the illusion that all slot machines are the same; you simply deposit money and hope for a big win. Experts will tell you that there’s a whole lot more to it than that, however, and picking certain machines can drastically increase your odds of landing a massive payout. In fact, some no download slots games actually favor the player by as much as 20%…meaning that your chances of winning over a long period of time are significant.

Chasing the Huge Java / Flash Slots Payouts

Okay, so you see those big, flashy numbers that point out a massive jackpot for hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even in the millions at some places) and you want to know how you can take home that money. Somebody has to win, why not you…right? Well, it’s actually a little bit harder than that because unless you get a lucky spin, that particular machine is going to eat up loads of your money before you hit pay-dirt.

Why? The answer is pretty simple really. If a no download slot machine is set to pay out at around 98% at online casinos like Rome Casino, WinPalace, or Casino Titan (or around 80% inside traditional casinos), it has to get the money from somewhere to build up the jackpot. Don’t forget that those statistics include the big payout before the machine resets, so that’s hundreds of thousands of losing spins in order for it to reach numbers that high. The plus side is that there are thousands and thousands of players contributing to those jackpot pools but you should always remember where that money came from…lots and lots of losses.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t play no download slots that have jackpots tied into them, but you definitely should avoid them when the payout is on the low end. Take a look at the previous winners and where the machine normally paid out; you’ll notice a pattern there and it will help you decide when to start betting.

Many Small Wins Equal Huge Profits

Now let’s take a look at non-jackpot Java and Flash based slots inside online gaming websites like Rome Casino or 7Red. They still average payouts around the 98% mark but no money is held aside for huge wins, which means that each spin has a higher chance of paying out money. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will definitely win, because you could easily bet 100 credits and win back only 60 or 70 over several consecutive rounds…it only means that your odds of raking in cash are much better on these types of machines.

Just like the jackpot slots, there are several different types of machines to choose from in each online casino and all of them have different types of payouts. Some may have several top prizes that pay thousands of dollars when the maximum bet is placed while others cap out at a much smaller payout. Your best chances of winning are picking the machines with several small prizes and playing the maximum amount of lines per spins; the actual bet amount should not be a factor.

Searching for Bonus Spins and Mini-Games

If you’re looking to increase your odds of winning at no download slots even further, pay special attention to the machines that have built-in bonuses. Several machines pay additional money for matching any three objects on the entire betting screen, for example, while on others it will launch a mini game where you can win considerable amounts of money. The best part about slot machines with these types of features is that the payout is random…meaning it can be a modest win or a gigantic prize.

The Flash/ Java slots with free spins as bonuses are particularly appealing. They give you a chance to win money without depositing any extra or making a wager, so all of a sudden those small 40-100 token payouts can really build up to a substantial amount. Some machines will even allow you to win extra spins during the free spin round…meaning that it’s entirely possible to double or triple your money without gambling any of your own money at all.

Comparing the Strategies

To recap, no download slots with progressive jackpots should only be played when the top payout is growing quickly and near the payout average. If you’re going to chase the jackpot, however, be prepared to bet the maximum amount and have some reserve cash on hand. Slot machines with several lower payouts can be played at anytime without much risk of losing big, but when you hit a big spin it’s probably time to call it a day. The slot machines with extra features like bonus spins or mini games can actually be played for a long period of time (at low stakes) with the odds remaining it the gambler’s favor, but consider switching machines after a large payout is granted.

Knowing your various slot machines at Rome Casino and WinPalace will ultimately help you determine which betting styles will work best to shift the odds in your favor. For more information on no download slots or for any other type of online casino information, search the directory at

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