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If you came to this page you are likely looking for the best spyware-free software packages to play Texas Holdem. Thankfully online poker is a mature market. Poker software providers are very established. They have player bases in the hundreds of thousands and offer very mature, stable, and spyware/malware tested software. Their software is accredited by various organisms to ensure the fairness of the random number generator, as well as game fairness in general. As such, you can rest assured that you are downloading spyware-free software that will allow you to play safely. Below are the best freeware poker sites of 2018.

Recommended Poker Sites June 2024

1. ignition Ignition yes yes n/a Ignition Play Now!
2. Bovada Bovada yes yes n/a Bovada Play Now!
3. betonline BetOnline yes yes n/a BetOnline Play Now!
4. intertops Intertops yes yes n/a Intertops Play Now!
5. sportsbetting Sportsbetting yes yes n/a Sportsbetting Play Now!
6. americas cardroom America’s Cardroom yes yes n/a America’s Cardroom Play Now!
7. blackchip-poker Blackchip Poker yes yes n/a Blackchip Poker Play Now!

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We Want Freeware

Freeware… Everybody loves freeware it seems, unless the software comes bundled with unwanted programs running in the background. When you download software on popular sites such a cnet, there’s often a disclaimer next to the individual products stating whether the product has been tested spyware-free. For poker, you won’t always have this luxury, although cnet already offers some spyware tested poker freeware. As a general rule, you want to select software from the most reputable poker room operators. Since their client allows for real money play, they often abide to some very stringent requirements to pass the various certifications that govern fair play. There won’t be any other software running in the background when you launch a poker client. However, some players will use extraneous programs to collect various statistics during game play, such as Data Mining stats, player tendencies, player raise percentages etc… This typically happens once the software is installed however. We’ve never encountered any spyware downloading a poker client. We recommend to stick to the best and most trustworthy operators, which are the ones listed in our table.

Even Better Than Freeware : Instant Play

You may not even need freeware. The truth is that some popular poker sites such as UB and Absolute Poker are offering no-download instant play Java clients. This allows you to play directly in your browser without installing any software whatsoever. The advantages of this are numerous. There are no software download times obviously, no spyware can be installed, and you can be playing for real money in minutes. So if you were looking to play poker quickly, choosing a browser0friendly site may be a good solution for you. Also, if you’re a Mac user then using Java may be a better solution than freeware because of the various compatibility issues that you may run into. So if you don’t know whether Lock Poker runs on Macintosh, then our recommendation is to go for flash and not freeware.

Poker Freeware For Real Money Play

Does freeware allow you to play poker for real money? As the name entails, you will be downloading free software, and you’ll be able to qualify for the various freerolls that are on offer. As such, online poker freeware can really be free, although it really is what you make of it. Some players started their bankrolls by winning a freeroll, while others didn’t have such patience and preferred to deposit money right away. In any event, the software you are downloading will cater to both fake money and real money play.

Taking A Step Back On Security

Our final word of advice. If you’re playing online poker for real chips, it’s always a good idea to have your antivirus up to date. Although malicious software will rarely be bundled in an online poker client, you’re always at the risk of being hacked by such software as you browse the Internet. Another risk are key loggers which could easily snoop your credit card number as you’re making your first deposit. Because of this, we urge you to check that your software is up to date, that you’re running a Firewall, and taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety online. We personally use ESET nod, which is a great anti virus, in addition to a free malware checker : “malwarebytes”. For spyware the popular antidote is to use Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. Good luck at the tables.

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