Internet Craps For Money

If you’re looking to play real craps on the web, then it’s probably safe to say that you’re a probably a fairly smart gambler right off the bat. You know that the odds inside virtual casinos are often better than what you’d find in the real world, plus things like deposit bonuses and loyalty rewards make the deal even sweeter. There are probably several things that you didn’t know about internet craps for real money though, so keep on reading to take your game to an entire new level.

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Internet Craps Real Money Traps

Three out of four online casinos are designed to cheat the player. Some of them alter the roll of the dice to work against you, while others simply set the odds so low that you can’t win any money at all. Others are even worse; they’re not even real casino! These kinds of websites will always take your money just the same though and treat you great until someone mentions a withdrawal….that’s when you usually find out that you’ve been scammed.

Play Real Craps on the Web Safely

Instead of just picking an online casino at random, there are essentially six things you should always look for-

– A certification from a licensed gaming authority
– A certification from TST or another licensed software registry
– 24/7 live customer service
– A clear withdrawal policy
– Fair odds that are close to traditional casinos
– Real-time security

I know what you’re thinking…that’s a lot of stuff to check in order to bet a few dollars on a craps game….and you’re absolutely right. Verifying that an online casino (or any website, for that matter) is legitimate takes a few minutes and it’s clearly a hassle, but it’s the only way to ensure that you are completely safe.

For starters, checking the certifications on a website is easy. Simply write down the companies that the business claims to be affiliated with, and then visit those companies online to make sure the casino you picked is in good standing. This should take you no less than one minute at the most and you’ll know with 100% certainty is the gaming site is legitimate or not.

As far as things like odds and payouts go, pick up the phone and call that casino’s customer service department. Ask them what the odds bet on nine pays or the house edge on each side bet; if they don’t know the answer immediately, then you’re not taking to the right casino. Be sure to ask about deposits and withdrawals as well; especially the part about you receiving your winnings. This process will eat up another minute or two of your life but you’ll be 100% certain if the casino is reputable or not.

Best Places for Internet Craps Real Money

Honestly, we do not like recommending online casinos to players just because there are so many websites out there doing it already. These types of people sign up for affiliate marketing plans with a few casinos and then always tell you to go to them…even if those places have horrible odds or ridiculously bad customer service. It makes us so darn mad, and those types of websites are half the problem with online gambling to begin with. They don’t care if you get ripped off or have a lousy experience, but at least now you know a little bit about what to watch out for.

Here at MyPokerBasics, we believe that it’s worth the time to research each of the gambling websites around the net to make sure that you are an informed player. We honestly do not care who pays the highest commissions or which casino is giving away free vacations; we’re worried about you and your gaming experience. In fact, we’d much rather talk about the websites designed to steal your money than to promote our own brand across the net, which is why you’ll find hundreds of casino reviews within our archives.

With that said, below you can see a few of our favorite online casinos if you want to play real craps on the web.

Rome Casino is a great place to play internet craps for real money because of their huge instant deposit bonuses and easy payout structures. The graphics are great, they are fully certified, and it’s one of the better gaming experiences that you’ll find anywhere in cyberspace. They also happen to have the lowest house odds on craps around, which is why we’re always happy to recommend them to gamblers.

WinPalace was designed from the ground up with players just like you and me in mind. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another casino anywhere on the net for high-class casino games with better customer service; and that’s before you even sit down to play. Their craps tables have a sleek design that makes the action easy to follow, plus their odds bets are better than what you’re used to finding in traditional gaming establishments.

Casino Titan is also one of our top choices to play real craps on the web because the website is very professional from top to bottom. It doesn’t matter how much you’re betting or how long you’ve been a member, because they treat every customer like they’re the most important person who’s ever contacted them. They also have a really good craps deposit bonus right now too, so be sure to give them a try.

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