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There are a lot of gambling websites out there that claim to be MasterCard online casinos or some other type of deposit specialist, but one look at their overall approval rate may convince you otherwise. In the casino industry, it is a lot harder than most people would realize to get that little piece of plastic to work right. Regional gambling laws specifically designed to foul up the approval process cause most online casinos to be forced to submit credit cards over and over again, often without success at all.


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The Problem with MasterCard Deposits

Now, that doesn’t mean that all online casinos have an issue with MasterCard, but the vast majority of them certainly do. The exceptions within the industry are usually gaming sites that have specialized customer service agents that know how to tweak the approval system. Of course, this type of technology is expensive and it is a lot easier for most casinos to tell their customers to make a deposit using another method; it simply is not cost-effective for them to spend thousands of dollars per month to accept credit cards.

Finding High Approval MasterCard Sites

Take Casino Titan, for example, and its MasterCard approval rate of over 99%. While they spend a whole lot more money on their credit card processing servers than the average online casino, they can safely tell their customers that their MasterCard deposits will clear just about every time in three to five seconds. Compare that to some of those online casinos that take hours or even days to push an approval through, and you’ll see why it is such a big deal. Places like Casino Titan take all the headaches out of the process.

Avoid Fee-Based MasterCard Gambling

Then again, there are several online gambling establishments out there that have high Visa and MasterCard approval rates, but they pass the cost of that success right along to the customer. MasterCard charges all business merchants a few percent of each sale as a processing charge, but some online casinos will turn around and charge the customer three times that much as a “convenience fee” or something similar. This is little more than an outright scam…never pay someone to accept your MasterCard payment for gambling or any other purchase.

Other Quality MasterCard Websites

As we previously mentioned, Casino Titan by far has the best MasterCard approval ratings in the industry right now. They also have excellent graphics, very low house odds, and great customer service, but for the sake of fairness there are also several other MasterCard online casinos that can more than handle your everyday gambling needs. Places like WinPalace, and Rushmore Online also have very high approval rates and very good customer loyalty programs as well, so be sure to check those out as well for a comparison on how online casinos should operate.

MasterCard is currently the most popular credit card company in the world; and for good reason. A fully dedicated customer service team, an industry-leading security encryption technology, and great international accessibility are just some of the features that make MasterCard arguably the world’s leader in credit card services today. However, for those of us who enjoy the odd game of online craps or have a weakness for Texas Hold-Em, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make online deposits using a MasterCard since banks consider online gambling too much of a credit risk.

In addition, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) means many US-based players have been excluded from several of the leading online casinos as well. Even though every online casino accepts MasterCard as a form of payment, the banking institutions have been denying these types of transactions in many areas due to the complexity of the various national policies. Since some areas allow full gambling while others do not, it causes a logistical nightmare for MasterCard and each of the financial institutions that it is associated with. In return, many transactions end up being declined even though by law they should be approved, so it ends up being a huge frustration for the players.

With that in mind, here are the top four highest approval rate online casinos when it comes to making deposits with MasterCard-


Rushmore Online’s main attraction to MasterCard holders is its versatility. This is reflected in its wide range of different rewards programmes for various games. The standard first-deposit bonus is a 100% bonus up to $400. If you deposit $400, the casino matches your deposit, bringing your total bankroll up to $800 – instant profits! However, you can only cash your bonus after playing through 15x the amount of your bonus on the site, though even for a less-than-prolific gamer this should not take more than a couple of days.

Rushmore also caters to more specialised gamblers that love a single game and stick to it. Blackjack fans will relish the DOUBLEDOWN bonus which offers a 200% bonus on your first deposit up to $1000. Those who get a kick out of slot machines can go for the amazing 400% first-deposit bonus up to $2400 as well. These generous offerings across a gigantic spectrum of games prove that Rushmore Online is not only dedicated to a quality casino experience, but is willing to cater to different customers’ interests and needs. Another incentive is Rushmore Online’s efficient credit card deposit system, especially with an acceptance rate pushing 98% on MasterCard. All you have to do is submit some basic supporting documents and you’re good to go, with the first hand being dealt within two to three minutes of arriving at the website.

Another contribution Rushmore Online makes to enhance your gaming experience is granting you peace of mind through its state-of-the-art security. Results in its games are generated through random algorithms and are entirely up to chance, and these generators are constantly maintained and inspected to ensure that the overall odds are exactly what are posted on each table. It has had a spotless record regarding payouts and deposits since its inception, which can be attributed to constantly updating encryption techniques that make their website as secure as any online bank.


Bodog is most famous for its poker offerings, especially in Texas Hold’em. In 2006, Jamie Gold won the World Series of Poker Main Event, raking in 12 million dollars of prize money that till today remains the largest ever awarded for a poker tournament. He was playing for Bodog Poker, and there are hundreds of others wearing the Bodog colours at each WPT event.

Indeed, Bodog Poker is the perfect place to hone your poker skills. Poker players in the know favour Bodog for its abundance of unskilled or “fishy” players. As long as your poker fundamentals are sound, Bodog is ripe for the picking and you can build your bankroll and move up the stakes in record time. This is made even easier by the site’s excellent rake-back programmes of up to $2500 per month which can significantly boost your winnings.

Expert insiders advise that with the boom of Texas Hold’em players that are becoming increasingly proficient at the game, it may be a good idea to invest some time learning less-popular alternatives such as Omaha or Razz poker. Fortunately, Bodog not only offers these exciting variations, but receives plenty of traffic for them as well. More players, as professional poker players know, means more “fish” and even greater profits. There’s no reason you shouldn’t profit from having a good time, and Bodog lets you do that with excellent MasterCard approval rates.

Cherry Red

Although a newer player on the online gambling market, Cherry Red Casino has earned great respect among competitors and players alike for being committed to technologically modern gaming. This is reflected in its sleek, gorgeous interface, as well as the speedy in-game transitions powered by Real Time Gaming’s game engine. Part of the same company as Rushmore Online, Cherry Red Casino tends to attract a smaller clientele of younger gamblers. As they are usually inexperienced, this casino has many of the most experienced poker players licking their chops with easy pickings all day long.

Cherry Red also offers several great VIP programs for frequent players, including sponsorships to big tournaments, lavish vacations, and kickback rewards as well. Most importantly, it has an admission rate for MasterCard deposits of almost 99% and your transaction is almost always processed immediately. This is also the casino of choice for US players since they tend to have the highest MasterCard acceptance rate for that particular region.

Slots Oasis and

Although neither of these casinos made it into our top four, they are both great places to play when other credit card options can be considered. For the moment, they are both experiencing above average approval rates for MasterCard but well below any of the other casinos previously mentioned. Slots Oasis specializes in state of the art slot machines and has one of the largest line-ups of games on the planet.

Even as credit card providers around the world shut their doors to online gamers, it is not impossible to enjoy high-quality casino gaming from the privacy of one’s own home. For the vast majority of us who are MasterCard users, all it takes is a little research. Fortunately, our list has done that for you. Weigh the different benefits offered by each of these fantastic sites – VIP programs with unbelievable freebies, novice clientele who are easily milked – and hopefully it will lead you to your new online gaming site. Have fun out there!

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