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Below are the best no download blackjack sites offering instant play in 2018.

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If you’re searching for no download blackjack casino where you can play for real money with a reputable establishment, we are very happy that you came across our website. MyPokerBasics has a full staff of dedicated individuals that scour the web finding out tidbits of gaming information for all types of players, and recently we’ve been a little bit disturbed by how many imposter websites we’ve found offering java/flash blackjack. Many of these sites are intentionally set up with horrible odds, difficult withdrawal methods, and so many technical glitches that it will completely turn you off to the world of online gaming. Hopefully this article can rectify this problem by giving you seven things to look for in a no download blackjack casino.

1) Show me the Certification!

All legitimate online casinos that offer no download blackjack have one very important thing in common; each of them belong to some sort of oversight committee that makes sure that they follow the rules. This not only applies to regional laws and regulations that govern casinos but also things like overall payout rates, fair practices, and online security. In fact, if a casino is not certified then they can basically do whatever they want; which means that it may be quite a long time before you ever see your money.

There are generally two types of certification authorities. The first is when an actual country oversees all of the casinos and no download blackjack rooms within the region; England and a number of other areas certify casinos this way. The second type of governing body is an independent licensed authority like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. If you do not see either of these types of titles on a website with a verifiable way to confirm their authenticity, do not place wagers there!

2) Protect me from Hackers!

While most legitimate websites will claim that their no download blackjack is completely secure, that is usually not very true. Sure, they’ll have security software installed and a firewall that should keep the criminals out of their database, but these days it seems like hackers can break into just about any website if they’re given enough time. Instead of taking a casino’s word for it that their website is secure, pick up the phone and call them to make sure that they have actual security personnel that are watching the servers to make sure your information is safe.

3) Solve My Compatibility Issues!

In many cases players have reported that they can not seem to figure out how to make no download blackjack work on their computer systems, but the fix is often pretty simple. Most of these types of casino games work off of either Adobe Flash or Java; two types of programs that allow websites to load graphics. If a Java / Flash Blackjack website is not working for you, start by updating each of these programs from their main websites.

Adobe Flash Player- get it here
Java Runtime Environment- get it here

If that does not solve the problem, the next step would be to update the drivers for your video card. Most of the world’s video cards are either nVidia or Radeon based, so visit your manufacturer’s website to get the necessary updates.

4) Give me Free Money!

Of course, what’s instant blackjack without some free bonus cash to go long with it? Most of the legitimate instant blackjack casinos offer first time deposit bonuses that can really help new players build up a bankroll, but the really good money comes from sticking with one of the top gaming sites over a period of time. Places like Rome Casino and WinPalace have awesome VIP programs that give you free cash every month just for playing at their instant blackjack tables.

5) Let Me Earn Rewards!

In fact, cash isn’t the only thing you can expect from some of the top online casinos because many of them also offer all kinds of great prizes and merchandise. Basically, the way it works is, the casinos keep track of how many hands you play inside their casinos and they grant you bonus points for each eligible hand. These credits build up in your account just like they do in some of the better credit card programs out there, and at the end of the month you are free to spend the points however you want. Players at top casinos end up getting free iPods, Blu-Ray Players, free vacations, and tons of other loyalty rewards!

6) Send me my Money!

Another thing to check out before picking an online casino is their withdrawal procedures on their no download blackjack. Some of them are really great when it comes to customer service or the quality of their games…all the way up until its time to pay you for your wins. Then all of a sudden you’re waiting for months on a check that may never arrive; so do not play at online casinos that do not offer same day payments.

7) Show me the Best!

Of all the online casinos with no download blackjack we’ve tested, three of them really stand out among the rest. Rome Casino is the fastest growing gaming site on the web with huge bonuses, great loyalty programs, and very friendly staff. WinPalace is not very far behind them and has a reputation of having the fastest payouts in the business, while Casino Titan’s do download blackjack has some of the best graphics that you’ll find anywhere. You simply will not go wrong at any of these three websites.

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