Ubuntu Poker Download – How to Install Ubuntu Poker Software

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Ubuntu is a great operating system. That’s probably why it’s far and away the most popular Linux platform, and yet in some ways it seems like Ubuntu still gets overlooked. Linux-loving poker players probably already know what we mean since very few online poker rooms specifically cater to them. The good news is that just because a poker room doesn’t advertise itself as Ubuntu friendly doesn’t mean you can’t still play there (with a few exceptions of course).

There are two different ways that Ubuntu users can enjoy online poker. The first and simplest is to look for sites with flash versions of their poker rooms. The downside to this option is that these versions are often prone to more bugs and lag and rarely offer the full array of player features. The second and smarter option is for Ubuntu users to download the Wine program.

The Wine program is free and can be installed in mere minutes. The Wine emulator program allows Ubuntu users to download and use most poker software designed for Windows operating systems. You’ll simply follow the same steps as any Windows user – downloading your chosen site’s software package and installing it, then launching it through Wine. While Wine won’t perfectly support all poker sites, players have reported good results downloading the software for many larger poker rooms including Titan Poker, PokerStars, and Full Tilt.

If you’re not having the desired results with Wine or simply don’t want to go to the trouble of downloading yet another program, then plenty of rooms now make it easy for you to choose the first option (aka playing a flash version of their sites). Which flash poker rooms do we recommend? UB.com and PartyPoker’s flash rooms both run extremely well on Ubuntu and offer quality and features that’s on par with they’re full versions. If you’re still having trouble playing either of these rooms while using Ubuntu, then you may need to update your Java software.

If you love using Ubuntu, then you shouldn’t let a supposed lack of poker options prevent you from continuing to use the program. As we’ve explained in this article, virtually all the best online poker rooms can be accessed by Ubuntu users with a minimum of time or fuss and for no extra charge. Playing via Ubuntu or its Wine extension also won’t prevent you from getting any of the excellent bonuses offered to all other first-time poker room players, so there’s really no advantage to switching to a more common but lower quality operating system.

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