Virtual Prepaid Casinos

Have you heard about the new virtual Visa and MasterCards that are available for shopping on the Internet and making casino deposits? Well, in case you haven’t, then you’ve definitely come to the right place to learn about this exciting payment option. We will cover how a Virtual Visa or MasterCard can be used at your favorite online casinos, why it makes sense over other options, and when you should probably opt for a different payment method instead.

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What is a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual Visa (or virtual MasterCard) is an online account that is offered by thousands of local financial institutions throughout Europe. It works just like a regular credit card would except that it is only used in cyberspace, so it’s not something that you’d carry around with you in your wallet. Whenever you want to make a casino deposit with a Virtual Visa, you’d simply log into your account and initiate the transfer. There are no fees involved, no complex monthly statements, and it can be used at any website that accepts Visa or MasterCard (which is just about every site out there).

The Good

On the plus side of things, consumers appreciate that their virtual cards are backed by major companies that provide 100% fraud protection anywhere in cyberspace. If the online casino you make a deposit at turns out to have less than a sterling reputation, the charges can be reversed so you could receive your money back. Of course, the goal is to not mess with these kinds of websites in the first place, which is why we recommend industry-leading names like Casino Titan or WinPalace.

Another big plus of using a virtual MasterCard is the simplicity of funding the account; the online transfer options make it very easy to move money back and forth from any type of banking account. Since these funds can be spent at online casinos or any retailer in cyberspace, it also makes it appealing for those who use their gambling profits for online purchases.

The Bad

If you already have a Visa or MasterCard in your wallet then there is little reason to sign up for a virtual account. Now, there may be some cases where regional laws make your traditional Visa card receive a decline at an online casino when it really shouldn’t, so virtual credit cards come in handy there as well. In most cases, however, this option would be for those who do not have a credit card at all or those who do not trust online transactions.

Prepaid Virtual Credit Card- Overall

In all honesty, a virtual prepaid Visa or MasterCard is probably not needed by many consumers for gambling at online casinos, but it is still nice to know that the option is there to add an extra layer of security on the Internet. Since this payment option is completely free and money is easy to transfer back and forth, there are really no downsides of using this method either. Overall, it is a smart option for online gambling since it makes users completely anonymous…all the while adding several other extra layers of protection at the same time.

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