Real Time Gaming Craps

There are several great software developers out there that make excellent products for the online casinos, but recently it seems like the global news has focused primarily on just one of them- Real Time Gaming. We’ve received a lot of emails this week asking about where to play RTG craps or many of their other popular gaming titles and hopefully this document will answer most of those questions.

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What is Real Time Gaming?

Real Time Gaming (also known simply as RTG) is a software developer that provides online casinos with one stop solutions to their gaming platforms. These packages include everything from the actual casino games to designing the website, setting up payment options, and deciding on payout odds and bonuses.

Does RTG have an official website where I can test their casino games?

The answer to that is both yes and no. While RTG does have an official website at, it is designed for customers that are seeking options for setting up online casinos. There is no demonstration products for players on their actual website, but many of the online casinos like WinPalace and Casino Titan allow you to play free versions of each title.

Why doesn’t RTG offer their casino games directly?

That’s a good question, but to answer honestly it would take quite a bit of time. The short version is that obtaining a casino license is not a simple manner, plus there are all kinds of regulations and procedures that virtual casinos have to follow. There is no way that a gaming commission would license a company that makes their own software…what would stop them from suddenly changing the odds when a big better showed up?

So is Real Time Gaming Trustworthy?

They are one of the most respected software providers in the gaming industry and their games are 100% secure. Most RTG craps tables, for example, have overall house odds of less than 2%…which is much lower than you’d find inside a traditional casino.

I still don’t get it. If they make great games, why not market them by the RTG name?

First of all, every single Real Time Gaming casino displays their logo on the website to inform customers who made the software. The name is also registered on their business license and on their casino certification, but the owners are free to name their casino whatever they want. This is common in business though…your local grocery store is not named after who makes their milk or bread, is it?

What makes Real Time Gaming better than other casino developers?

There are a number of traits that stand out, with great graphics, fast software, and easy interfaces being just a few of the perks. Businesses purchase RTG because it is easy to use and maintain, while the players prefer these casinos because of their outstanding overall odds.

How can RTG have better odds than anyone else and still make money?

There are currently over twelve million online gamblers around the world with new players discovering virtual casinos every single day. Real Time Gaming’s philosophy is that each of those players has to have an exceptional first experience to ensure that they come back in the future, which is why they are content with such a minimal house edge.

Besides, the odds are actually deceiving and it is usually what gets players into trouble. If you wager $1,000 over 100 rounds of RTG craps, for example, on average you should have around $985 left once the game is completed. The key is the “on average” part; during those same dice rolls some players will accumulate $5,500 while others will end up completely broke. Your knowledge of the game and your betting strategies will ultimately decide what the casino’s true odds are.

Are all RTG casinos basically the same?

In many aspects they are identical; they have many of the same games with the exact same graphics, plus each of them can accept similar payment options (it varies by region). The customer service, VIP programs, deposit bonuses, and overall odds are actually decided by the person that purchases the software package from RTG…each client will have slightly different requirements.

For example, Casino Titan has almost all of RTG’s casino titles and they offer a 400% welcome bonus to new players after their first deposit. WinPalace offers many of the same titles and they have several perks that you will not find elsewhere, plus their customer service is among the best around. Meanwhile, Rushmore Online is another RTG title but they have a feel of sophistication that makes it feel special. On paper they are all almost exactly the same…but if you visit each website you’ll see how different they really are.

Other online casinos carrying RTG craps and other games will specialize in certain casino titles like slots, blackjack, or video poker. Cherry Red and Slots Oasis are very good examples of RTG specialty casinos…they have all of the basics you’d expect from a major casino but their focus is in completely different places.

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