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We’ve had several questions from our readers lately about Macintosh blackjack for money and, for once, we honestly didn’t know the answers. So instead of sending back some lame messages that wouldn’t help anyone, we sent our top researchers out on the web to contact the various online casinos that you were asking about. Evidentially, some of the customer service reps at these casinos didn’t know for sure either so they had to do some snooping around on our behalf. Here’s what we found-

I’m a big blackjack player and I saw Rome Casino had something called Double Exposure Blackjack…it lets you see both of the dealer’s cards before you hit or stand. Are the overall odds better or worse than traditional blackjack?

– Bob, Miami, Florida (USA)

Believe it or not, traditional blackjack actually has better odds because of the payout structure. Rome Casino informed us that they have just under a 2% house edge in regular games and a 3.8% edge in double exposure, even though much of that edge can be eliminated by betting strategies. We didn’t take their word for it, however, and this is what we found in our own little test.

Our resident blackjack expert is Shannon; a card counting Mac real money blackjack genius that has played at various casinos around the world for the past fifteen years. We gave her $1,000 and told her to split it evenly between the two tables for a minimum of ten hours each (or whenever she went broke). In the end, she made more money at the Double Exposure tables ($3,400) than at the normal ones ($2,650). Here’s what she had to say-

“Honestly, players have a much better chance at the traditional blackjack tables if they’re counting cards. Losing the ability to split or double down in some situations really cuts back on the profits when the dealer is in a bad situation…so there’s really no benefit to knowing that he’s going to be forced to hit on 16 beforehand because you’d play it exactly the same way with a 6 showing.”

“For the casual better that doesn’t keep track of cards or use any sort of set play strategy, however, Double Exposure is probably the way to go. Over my ten hours at the table, there were 184 hands where I would have hit because an 8/9/10 was showing, yet the other card (that is hidden in traditional blackjack) made the dealer hand a 13/14/15/16 total. Of these 184 hands where my strategy changed because of seeing the extra card; I won 138 of them…which is a much better average than taking a hit on an unfavorable hand because you think the dealer already has 18/19/20.”

Someone told me that Mac real money blackjack at WinPalace had better odds than if I played on my PC. I didn’t see how this could be possible but I figured I’d ask anyway…is there any truth to this rumor?

– Kyle, Lyon, France

This one took us by surprise since both clients have identical games and graphics, but we decided to follow up with a WinPalace representative just to make sure that we weren’t missing something. It turns out that they were running a special promotion for Mac players about six months ago that gave an extra one-time deposit bonus, but now they give that same 200% welcome bonus to everyone (Mac or PC). So your friend really wasn’t crazy…he probably did get a little bit extra by playing Macintosh blackjack for money at the time.

I’ve tried most of your recommended casinos over the years and taken advantage of all the big deposit bonuses at the Mac real money blackjack tables. As of today, who is giving the largest bonus on the net for people like me?

– Liang, Beijing, China

That’s sort of a trick question because there are several online casinos that give huge bonuses for games that have big house odds (like slot machines, keno, and video poker). If you’re into these types of wagers, then Rome Casino is easily your best bet with a 400% deposit bonus for any first time players. Their instant blackjack bonus is half of that (200%) and it would be easy to become confused between the two if you didn’t read the fine print.

WinPalace also offers a 200% instant bonus for Macintosh blackjack for money players but it also applies to the PC/Windows players too. Many prefer this casino because they occasionally have online blackjack tournaments where the prize money can get very big; plus they have excellent house odds at just over 1.25%.

Neither of those two online casinos can compete with Casino Titan right now though, because their first time instant deposit bonus is a staggering 300%. You’ll have these chips to gamble with right after your deposit clears and they are pretty easy to convert into real money that you can cash out, making it one of our top picks for Mac real money blackjack.

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