Play Poker For Money – Where Can You Play Texas Hold’em for Real Money?

Recommended Poker Sites April 2024

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If you’re looking for a great poker website that allows you to gamble with real money, it often pays to know a few facts about gambling on the internet and some regional laws in general. Many regions forbid their players to take part in any type of gambling, while others simply have bans on placing wagers over the internet. There are also factors like safety, fairness, and security to consider when selecting among the various poker websites out there and this article will touch on each of those topics.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

The legality of placing wagers on the internet (on anywhere, for that matter) is ultimately up to each government around the world to decide. There are currently 75 countries that have absolutely no restrictions on playing online poker at all, and another dozen regions that has some type of limited restrictions. Countries like India and Russia ban any type of gambling all together, which means that their citizens are not allow to place wagers anywhere…including websites that were created in other regions.

The biggest thing for any player to do is to check with his local government and see where they stand on wagers over the internet. Alternately, you could also download an online poker client and check their deposit options; most reputable casinos will not accept money from a blacklisted area.

How do I Know a Good Poker Site from a Bad One?


There are several ways to learn whether or not a poker website is trustworthy, and the very first thing to do in any situation is to verify that they are sanctioned by one of the major gaming commissions. This can be accomplished by searching their website for the identifying logo of one of the various commissions, but it is important to remember that you should independently verify the website’s credentials as well. After all, criminals can simply copy and paste any type of logo or graphic they want to…that doesn’t mean it’s valid.

Here’s how to check a website’s affiliation before you play poker

1) Write down the gaming affiliation commission’s name on a sheet of paper.
2) Pull up a separate internet browser and search for that name (DO NOT click the link within the poker website!).
3) Once the commission is located, enter their main website and browse through their “members list”.
4) If the poker website is listed, check its overall payout rate, consumer complaints, security updates, and the length of time it has been in business
5) If the facts check out, then it is probably a safe website to place wagers at.
6) If the poker website is not listed or the details show that it is lacking in some aspect, call the commission directly or assume that it is unsafe.

Security Protocols

Legitimate websites protect their customers in two different ways; through software that prevents hacking and by hiring professionals that can spot when something does not appear right. If either of these factors appear to be missing, you have no business being there…much less making a deposit.

Email Invitations

Never purchase anything through an email invitation; even if it appears to be from a website that you already use frequently. While some of the poker emails you receive will in fact be legitimate, the vast majority of them are sent by people who simply want to steal your personal information. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to delete any email advertisements you receive for anything, and then visit interesting websites through a bookmark or search browser.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

Your options for depositing money into a poker room will likely be determined by what region of the world you live in, so in most cases it should be exactly the same at any poker website that you visit. The withdrawal options, however, can vary greatly between a good casino and a bad one. If the poker site has any type of restrictions in place for withdrawing or transferring money (besides what is allowed by law), then you have absolutely no business playing there.

Where is a good place for me to play poker for money?

While MyPokerBasics is not in the habit of making recommendations, there are a few websites that we have worked closely with over the years and we can vouch for their standards. Here are a few of the better poker sites on the web if you’re looking to play online poker for money.

Ultimate Bet Poker

Player Level- Average to Professional
Average Stakes- All Levels (w/ very high stakes at top tables)
Atmosphere- Serious Players
Tournaments- Yes
Special Incentives- Yes
Easy Deposit/Withdrawals- Yes

Ultimate Bet is a website that was designed by professional poker players for poker players. While many other websites make this exact same claim, most of them have absolutely no idea what the average gambler expects from a gaming site or how to really take care of their client base. UB has thousands of active rooms, tournaments starting every few minutes, and among the best customer service of any site on the entire net. Their security also rivals what you’d find in any modern financial institution, so that’s one aspect that you do not have to worry about on this website. For anyone looking for a serious game among other skilled players, this is definitely the place for you.

Absolute Poker

Player Level- Semi-Skilled to Seasoned Veterans
Average Stakes- All Levels
Atmosphere- Relaxed
Tournaments- Yes
Special Incentives- Yes
Easy Deposit/Withdrawals- Yes

For those who are looking for a poker room that allows stakes of all levels, a friendly atmosphere, and plenty of tournaments, then Absolute Poker may be the gaming site for you. One thing that really stands out about this website is the sheer number of member tournaments and other special incentives that they provide their players. Their customer service is also excellent and they are among the best in security ratings as well, so if you’re searching for a relaxed money game then this may be your best option.

Sportsbook Poker

Player Level- Amateurs to Seasoned Veterans
Average Stakes- All Levels
Atmosphere- Exciting, Fast Play
Tournaments- Yes
Special Incentives- Yes
Easy Deposit/Withdrawals- Yes

Sportsbook has been around since the dawn of the internet and their biggest draw has always been casino gaming and handicap bets. That recently changed with the launch of their new poker room, because they really put a lot of time and effort into making it a place that players of all skill levels would feel comfortable. With world class customer service, great deposit bonuses, and no-hassle withdrawal options, players seeking a change of pace will probably be pleasantly surprised at the new Sportsbook Poker.

Players Only Poker

Player Level- Newcomer to Professional
Average Stakes- All Levels
Atmosphere- Relaxed
Tournaments- Yes
Special Incentives- Yes
Easy Deposit/Withdrawals- Yes

Players Only Poker is another website that was designed with the customer in mind, and every aspect of their gambling experience has been closely planned to make players feel like royalty throughout their stay. In fact, they have so many promotions under their customer loyalty program that it’s hard to lose money there…they give away tens of thousands of dollars every week in bad beat jackpots and other incentives. Their security is also among the best around so you don’t have to worry about privacy when making deposits or withdrawals, and every hand is studied by the computer and/or a human to ensure that the website stays free of cheaters. This is definitely a great place to play at any skill level.


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