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If you’re looking to play poker on the web for money, hopefully you’ve done a little bit of homework beforehand. While there are a ton of high quality gaming establishments around the net that will give you a fantastic poker room experience, there are also several websites to avoid when you’re looking to play internet poker for real money. Here are five do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing poker on the net

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1) Falling for Deposit Bonus Tactics

Do not ever think for even a second that the best websites to play poker for real money are always the ones who have the biggest newcomer bonus. Sometimes these offers are set at such extremes that nobody will ever see a penny of that extra money; meaning that if the website would lie about your first deposit then you have no business trusting them with any other transaction.

Do make it a habit to read the terms and conditions of each website’s bonus offer. For example, Sportsbook Poker’s offer of a 100% deposit bonus may seem trivial compared to the 250% bonus at Full Tilt Poker, but you’ll have that Sportsbook cash in hand immediately while you’ll have to jump through circus hoops to even see a free dollar at Full Tilt. There is such a major difference between the two offers that you’d be crazy not to play at Sportsbook Poker or another legitimate website that makes honest, no hassle offers.

2) Forgetting about Security

Do not trust a poker website that is not certified by multiple testing facilities around the world. These types of establishments ensure that every hand is played fairly with no advantage to any player at the table, plus they track things like individual account payouts as they actively search for cheaters. It is rumored that several hackers have the ability to see players hole cards on certain websites…this is 100% true. Online security is a huge deal in the world of virtual gambling.

Do check a casino’s security certificates to ensure that they are in compliance with regional laws within that territory. Take Players Only, for example, one of the most secure online poker rooms on the net. They are TST (Technical Systems Testing) certified, plus they are licensed in Antigua and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Players Only is 100% secure from hackers, which is why it has such a loyal following of enthusiasts who enjoy internet poker for real money.

3) Judging a Book by its Cover

Do not assume that pretty graphics on a website have anything to do with the quality of play or their payout structure. There are hundreds of fake casinos floating around the net and some of them look downright fantastic, but that does not make them real. These websites are made solely to gain access to your credit card information so that criminals can steal money from you. Take Absolute Poker, for example; their website isn’t necessarily flashy or cutting edge, yet they have one of the lowest poker rakes on the internet.

Do contact your local authorities, the website’s gaming commission, or a federal review board that oversees internet commerce if something about a poker website seems out of place. Although this is sometimes an inconvenience, if you’re serious about internet poker for real money then following up on a website before making a deposit is the only way to protect yourself. At the very least, call that casino’s customer service department and ask for specific details that only a legitimate establishment could answer.

4) Making your Deposits Count

Do not ever assume that the overall play at all poker rooms is the same. There are hundreds of websites out there that are swarming with professional players; each of them looking for someone to con out of some quick money. These are often the guys that are betting crazy and making several foolish raises in a row; it’s a common tactic to appear inexperienced in order to lure that big stack player in. Even though you’ll win a few dollars off of this type of player, he’s eventually going to take hundreds off of you.

Do get in the habit of rating tables if you’re serious about internet poker for real money. At Ultimate Bet, for instance, you can sort the tables by stakes, the number of players, the average pot per hand, and a dozen or more categories. Picking a table that sees hundreds of hands per hour with a high pot sends off bells and whistles to any professional card shark…that’s exactly where they are going to be.

5) Learn about VIP Programs

Do not expect to be treated like a VIP just because a poker website says that it has a great program; this is another common ploy to convince you to sign up. There are some very good loyalty programs out there and there are also some very bad ones, but the only way you’ll know for sure is to take a few minutes and read through the fine print. Pay special attention to the part about how many hands need to be played (and at what stakes) per month so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Do treat VIP Programs for what they really are when you play internet poker for real money. These incentives are bonuses for frequent, active players and there are only a few online poker rooms around where casual players will see any type of reward at all. Of the rooms we’ve tried out and rated at MyPokerBasics, Ultimate Bet and Players Only have the best loyalty rewards for active players that bet large amounts of money on a regular basis. For casual players, Sportsbook Poker is the soundest option since the VIP levels stick with you for life.

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