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Have you ever noticed that Mac users seem to get left out on the fun way too often? Almost a third of the software out there on the market does not come in a Macintosh-friendly version and that’s not even counting all of the random compatibility issues with websites, browsers, and security software. There’s a flip side to those problems though and it actually more than makes up with all the hassles, which is why you should be playing Macintosh slots for real money.

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Now, we’re not by any means saying to run out and buy one just so you can play Mac slot machines for real money, but if you happen to have a choice between that and a PC then it makes sense to let that Windows operating system scan for viruses and registry errors while you go win some money. Here are four benefits of playing Macintosh slots for real money plus where the best online casinos are for your computer-

Hackers Bet the Odds Too

Did you know that over 85% of the world connects to the internet using Windows and Internet Explorer? That’s a handy little fact that cyber criminals capitalize on almost every single minute of the day as they roam the net in search for unsuspecting victims. In fact, Macintosh computers and PC’s work completely different in many different aspects; all the way down to how they are programmed to complete basic tasks like keeping the time or booting up the system.

Criminals capitalize on this information by designing viruses, spyware, adware, and Trojans to attack strictly PC’s and those who roam the net using Internet Explorer. Mac users are this tiny little minority that barely even seem to get noticed out there in cyberspace; which is a very, very good thing. When you’re gambling online, Macintosh slots for money is by far the safer option since your personal information and financial transactions are much safer overall.

Custom Graphics, Servers, and Customer Service

A lot of the online casinos out there do not even bother to offer Macintosh compatible programs because they essentially have to pay for the software twice. They know that those in the minority can use one of many workarounds to emulate being on a PC in order to use the Windows version; but in our opinion that’s not a very friendly way for anyone to do business.

On the other side of the coin, online gambling websites like Rome Casino, WinPalace, Casino Titan, and 7Red have fully compatible Mac versions of their software, which means that they are run on dedicated servers which few players are using. The result is much faster response times, great graphics, and a dedicated customer service team that works especially with these customers.

Enhanced Security

Like we’ve already said, there’s really not a huge difference in terms of quality when we’re talking about Macs -vs- PC’s. In a perfect world without people trying to create havoc around the net, either machine would be fully capable of delivering rich graphics and a high quality multimedia experience. That’s not at all where we live though, which is why being in the 15% club has many benefits.

Besides the fact that most hackers are not targeting your computer system, Mac real money slot machines also make sense because each of the above casinos have security experts that are very familiar with the Macintosh system. That individual may be keeping up with 100 user accounts in real time, while other professionals may be watching tens of thousands of players per hour that are on PC’s. So even though both operating systems are made equally well, you’re getting personalized protection on a Mac in many different aspects.

Mac Only Incentives

In all honesty, big names gaming sites like Rome Casino and WinPalace probably did not want to spend millions of dollars to create software that would apply only to people who wanted to play Macintosh slots for money. Now that they’ve taken that step, however, they’re more determined than ever to get you inside their casinos to play on their world-class Mac real money slot machines.

For example, Rome Casino extends their 400% exclusive slots bonus to all Mac players, even though it costs them extra money to have that service available. Casino Titan is currently matching that offer for all new accounts created by the end of the month, and both places give you the bonus cash up front so that you’ll have it to gamble with immediately. Other Mac casinos will make you play for weeks or even months before you’ll see any type of incentive at all, so these are definitely two offers worth paying attention to.

WinPalace and 7Red has taken the Mac concept a step even further by providing Mac real money slot machines with no download, meaning that you can play them directly off of each of their these websites. This allows for ultra fast play and the graphics are just as good as what you’d find in downloadable versions; at 7Red they’re probably the best slot machine graphics you’ve ever seen period (including inside traditional casinos). If you’re ready to start raking in serious money by spinning the wheels, then you will not go wrong with any of these four online casinos.

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