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It is no secret that our staff feels like Bet365’s sportsbook is by far the best option for Canadian players, and it is no secret that Bet365 is chosen by more Canadians for their live betting preferences than any other sportsbook in the world. Here is something that you probably do not know, however, and it’s pretty darn important as well…you should be placing your deposits through bank wire. Here are five reasons why-

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1) Instant Access

One of the main draws to Bet365 is the live match-ups that you can watch and wager on right from their website. Few other online casinos offer this level of sophistication, but this extra technology does you absolutely no good if you can not get a fast deposit to go through. Bank wires are Bet365 are almost instant; in three to five seconds you’ll be ready to place your wager.

2) Federal Insurance

Even though people think that credit cards are the safest way to shop online, you would probably change your mind if you were ever forced to submit a fraud report to Visa or MasterCard. While they will eventually take care of the situation on your behalf, they first expect you to complete all kinds of forms, talk to the local police, and even give a sworn statement that you do not have any knowledge about the theft. Bank wires eliminate all of these headaches because your financial institution will handle 100% of the legwork and repay you instantly.

3) Extra Protection

Another small tidbit of information that most Canadians probably didn’t know is that credit cards will not reverse charges if there is even a small possibility that the transaction was legitimate. For example, let’s say that you try to deposit $1,000 at Bet365 but accidentally type in $10,000; your credit card company will not help you reverse the transaction…even with Bet365’s approval. A bank wire, however, can be reversed in a few seconds.

4) Fast Withdrawals

Perhaps the biggest perk involved with bank wires to Bet365 is that once the information is in place and verified, you can receive withdrawals extremely fast. With any other withdrawal method there are all kinds of processing times that could keep you waiting for days or even weeks to have cash in hand, even though Bet365 sent out your funds the exact same day you requested it.

5) Unmatched Security

Even though Bet365 ranks at the top of the list in terms of protecting their clients from cyber-criminals and hackers, it should not come as a surprise that any website can become vulnerable by an elite criminal. Now, it’s never happened before at Bet365 but do you really want your credit card number on file if it does? A bank wire uses encryptions that can not be broken in any circumstance (even when the information is at Bet365) so this payment/withdrawal method gives just a little extra piece of mind.

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