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Since players have multiple questions about the latest developments about Sic Bo and these exciting casinos, here are some basic facts.

What is a Live Dealer Online Casino?

A live dealer online casino is the perfect blend of the exciting action at traditional brick and mortar casinos and the technology that empowers the internet. Through a series of webcams, the player will be transported for a front row seat at live dealer Sic Bo tables and many other great Vegas-style games.

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo, a Chinese game which literally translates to “dice pair” in English, has been present in Asia for centuries. The game itself is played with three dice, and players have the option to place wagers on one, two or three dice combinations plus a host of other bets. During each round, all three dice are rolled out on the table and any winning bets are paid immediately thereafter. On live dealer tables, the payouts occur instantly so the game is played at a fast, exciting pace.

What are the various Sic Bo bets?

There are essentially eight different bets that a player can make at a live dealer Sic Bo table and each of them will be explained below.

1) Bet on a single number. If the dice are rolled and that number is revealed once, the bet pays even money (1:1). When the number is revealed twice it pays two to one odds (2:1), and if all three dice match the number that was bet it pays three to one (3:1).

2) Bet on any two numbers. If two of the three dice match the combination selected, this bet pays five to one (5:1).

3) Bet on any pair showing up. If two of the three dice are the same, this bet pays eight to one (8:1).

4) Bet on any three numbers. If all three dice match the combination selected, this bet pays one hundred and fifty to one (150:1).

5) Bet on ANY triplet. If all three dice are the same, this bet pays twenty-four to one (24:1).

6) Bet the sum of the three dice. If all three dice add up to the number selected, this bet pays between six to one (6:1) and fifty to one (50:1), depending on the overall rarity. Note that three and eighteen can not be bet, because it pays greater odds as picking three exact numbers.

7) Bet the small or big values. This bet is essentially a hi/low bet, with 4-10 being small and 11-17 being big. This bet pays even money (1:1) but does not pay when triplets are rolled.

8 Bet odds or evens. This wager specifies if the three dice total will equal an odd or an even number, and it pays even money (1:1). However, this bet does not pay out when triplets are rolled.

What is the most common strategy for Sic Bo?

There are many common strategies that players implement on the Sic Bo table and most of them involve betting patterns or maximizing the odds against certain totals appearing. For example, many players implement a 1,3,2,4 or a 1,3,2,6 betting system, where each number equals a casino chip. If a player wins all four rounds he would restart the pattern, or if any of the hands are lost the pattern would start over as well. The advantage of this system is that losses on the third or fourth round would not result in a monetary loss overall, yet it maximizes the potential for profit on near even money bets.

Likewise, players also key certain number combinations because of their increased probability when compared to the odds. The numbers 9 and 12 appear especially attractive because the payout is very close to the chances of winning, and players will normally augment this wager with a bet on certain pairs of doubles that could come out and make both bets a winner.

When will Live Dealer Sic Bo be available

Live dealer Sic Bo is currently in the beta stage at, with plans of a launch sometime in early 2011. Check back here frequently for updates regarding this exciting game and the best live dealer casinos.

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