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Below are the best mac casinos offering real money roulette. All of them offer no-download instant play action.

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One of our favorite things to do at MyPokerBasics is to prove some of the alleged “experts” around the net wrong when it comes to strategy and betting tactics; much of the stuff posted out there in cyberspace is so ridiculous that it really hurts our feelings. It’s bad enough that people are being lied to when it comes to stuff like quality casinos and deposit bonuses, so this is really where our staff has to draw the line.

Take Mac real money roulette, for example; there are hundreds of strategies out there that suggest some horrible concepts in terms of winning money or qualifying for VIP rewards. Here are some of the worst-

Online Roulette Casinos Eliminate Shooter Skill

If you’re looking to play Macintosh roulette for money, we’re guessing that you already know the basics of the game. You’ve also probably read several articles around the net that talk about how a skilled person rolling the dice can make the whole table loads of money; we have to call a big fat BS on that one (for those of you who do not know what BS means, it’s a US term referring to a lie…more specifically, what comes out of a bull’s backside after he eats his hay).

Unless a player is using what is called “loaded dice,” there is absolutely no way to predict how they will fly through the air, bounce off the backboard, and eventually come to rest. Think about it; even if you practiced for years straight and learned how to make the dice hit the back wall exactly the same way every single time (in the exact same place, because remember that it is a curved table which would present yet another variance), there’s still no guarantee that the same results would appear. There are hundreds of factors at play here and most of them are outside of the shooter’s control.

On the other hand, Mac real money roulette at places like Rome Casino is completely randomized; meaning that there is no player intervention involved. It is much more likely to see a long no-seven streak on a computer than it is in real life…even when the shooter claims to be an expert.

Tipping the Dealer Makes you a Winner

There are so many people who prefer to gamble inside a traditional casino because they feel like the dealers play a huge factor in their overall success. Some even tip the dealer after each win; either directly or through a side bet that allows the dealer a stake in the next hand. People think that if the dealer has something to win then he/she will let that person win more often…which is our second BS call of the day.

Think about it…even if this were true, would you want to be playing inside a casino where the dealers are somehow cheating? That means your odds of winning are practically zero unless you bribe the dealer; then you’re risking the chance of being caught and going to jail for fraud. We would never tell anyone not to tip a dealer because that’s how they make most of their money, but if you’re expecting a favor in return then you’re making a serious mistake.

For example, take playing Mac real money roulette at WinPalace. The action unfolds in front of you just like you were standing inside a real casino, except that the throws are completely random. The odds are exactly the same as inside traditional casinos though…so how are those tips inside traditional casinos making you a winner?

Traditional Casinos Have Better Roulette VIP Bonuses

This is one of the funniest things that we’ve heard in awhile; here’s the “expert” strategy on getting big comps in traditional casinos at roulette. For starters, buy in for a huge amount of chips…preferably $2,000 or more. Then, bet the absolute table minimum when the pit boss is not looking but place huge wagers when he is, so the casino will think that you’re risking hundreds of dollars every few seconds. Other websites say to add onto this tactic even further by taking most of your chips, passing them to a buddy, and having him rush over to the cashier to convert them into money…just so you can cash in at the table whenever the pit boss is watching. For this one, we call BS three times; it’s not even close to being true.

Every modern casino in the world has thousands of cameras pointed at each and every table throughout the gaming facility. While pit bosses used to fill in cards about particular gamblers in the 1990’s, this is done almost automatically by technology in today’s world and there are no tactics to defeat it. Casinos spend billions of dollars on security each year; they’re not going to be conned that easily.

Instead, check out some of the VIP bonus plans at legitimate online casinos like Rome Casino, WinPalace, or Casino Titan. Every single hand you play goes towards actual rewards instead of false promises, and the big-time gamblers can accumulate a small fortune in kickbacks over the course of a few months. For example, Rome Casino pays their top tier players upwards of $900,000 per month in reward money alone; that’s not even counting the free vacations, electronic gadgets, tournament entries, or licensed merchandise.

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