United States Online Blackjack

Many Americans believe that they can’t play their favorite casino games online, but the truth is that plenty of online casinos are still happy to accept USA players on their sites. That means that blackjack action is just a few clicks away for those in the US, if you know where to look. Read on to see our list of the top online blackjack sites for United States players!

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It’s understandable why so many USA blackjack players are confused about their rights when it comes to playing their game of choice online. Certainly, online gambling has gotten some bad press in the United States, with news of the federal government indicting the founders of several online poker sites and confusing laws being passed over the last few years.

However, the truth is that there are no laws that make it illegal for Americans to play in online casinos or online poker rooms. These gambling sites could get into trouble with the US government if they operate in the United States, but players themselves are well within their rights to play at any casino site that offers their services to USA players. And while many sites have chosen to remove themselves from the American market, many more are still happy to take players from the United States.

Most casino sites that are USA-friendly have no shortage of blackjack options for their players. Typically, a casino site will offer one standard blackjack game that features the same rules you’d find at a Las Vegas casino. However, there will also be any number of variations on blackjack. Many of these feature optional side bets, while some have moderate rule changes, like European blackjack.

Farther out on the blackjack spectrum are the games that have the same general feel as blackjack, but with some severe rule changes that completely change the strategy of the game. A few popular games that fit under this banner are Super Fun 21, Pontoon, and Spanish 21. Many of these games are regularly offered in American land-based casinos (especially Spanish 21, which has become a very popular table game in the USA), and offer odds that are very similar to standard blackjack.

Before you sit down to play any of these blackjack games, we highly recommend that you check out a basic strategy chart for whatever version you’ll be playing. Even in regular blackjack, the correct strategy will change with minor rule changes; for instance, you shouldn’t follow the same strategy with two decks that you do with an eight deck shoe, and allowing the dealer to hit on soft 17s changes basic strategy in many cases when compared to a dealer that stands on all 17s. You can choose to paly by feel if you’re playing for fun, but doing so will increase the house edge – sometimes significantly.

Finally, if you’re thinking of using a card counting strategy while playing online blackjack – don’t. Online casinos use a very simple system to prevent counting by players; they shuffle the cards after every single deal, preventing you from getting any deck penetration whatsoever. While you can get great odds by simply playing basic strategy at the online blackjack tables, advantage plays like card counting are more or less impossible.

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