Online Slots Welcome Sign-Up Bonuses

Below are the best online slots bonuses for 2018. Click a casino to collect your bonus now !

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At MyPokerBasics, one of our primary goals is to share as much information as possible with our readers in order for you to be able to make smart online gambling decisions. We will never talk about a betting strategy or an online website unless we’ve tested it personally; because like you are staff is made up of avid gamblers that simply can not get enough of making easy money from online casinos.

Today we are going to talk about the best online slots welcome bonus that we’ve found so far on the internet, but in MyPokerBasics tradition we are also going to tell you about some truly bad ones as well. A lot of websites out there has what would appear to be an excellent slots sign-up bonus but it’s really a bad offer, simply because you’re not taking enough time to go through all of the details that websites try to keep hidden.

Percentages Mean Nothing for Slots Sign-up Bonuses

As consumers, we have been trained to think in percentages. Women flood the department stores whenever they see a sale for 5-25% off of selected merchandise, and the men in their lives think, “Hmm…All of that stuff is discounted because nobody else wanted it in the first place.” Still, almost all women think in percentages when it comes to savings and it is not necessarily a bad thing.

While that may be true, men turn around and do the exact same thing on items around the house. For example, the other day I was telling my wife why I had to buy a new 17V cordless drill even though I already had a 12V model from the same manufacturer. My wife’s argument was that she’s never seen me fail to do a project because the drill wasn’t strong enough, but darn it…the 17V is better. Men look at percentages in terms of performance and that is not necessarily a bad thing either.

When it comes to online casino bonuses, it is fairly easy to get swept in by big numbers. The truth of the matter is that the percentages of a slots sign-up bonus really do not mean anything if you can not spend enough time on the website to qualify for it, so the thing you should really be looking at is how the bonus is paid out and how many qualifying hands/spins need to be played for you to see some free money.

The Best Online Slots Welcome Bonuses are Instant

An instant slots sign-up bonus means that it credits to your account immediately; even before you spin the reels once. The same types of disclaimers are usually in place that says how you can withdraw that bonus money, which is usually after a number of spins for each dollar you are trying to clear. The difference with instant deposit bonuses is that you are essentially gambling with the casino’s money from the start instead of spending your own cash while trying to earn a bonus.

For example, let’s say that you make a $20 deposit at Rome Casino and at Bodog Casino…two of the more popular names around the internet. Let’s compare the two from a monetary standpoint-

Comparing Good and Bad Online Slots Bonuses

At Bodog, your $20 deposit becomes $24 with their 20% welcome bonus after you play ten $20 hands. Then, you’ll have to bet your total deposit amount ten times before it turns into cash; which you think that would mean that you have to wager $40 total since the bonus was only four bucks. That’s not how it works though- you actually have to bet all of your money ten times in order for it to clear…meaning that once you wagered $240 then your account would be cleared to withdraw the original $24 only! Even if you won thousands off of that initial $20 deposit, all of that cash has to be bet ten times before it can be withdrawn because you accepted a trivial bonus that did nothing for you. The Bodog slots sign-up bonus is nothing more than a scam that makes your overall odds of winning ridiculously worse!

Now let’s look at Rome Casino. They grant an instant 200% slots sign-on bonus, which means that your original $20 is now $40. In order to withdraw that $20 in bonus money, it has to be bet twenty total times. This is not a snowball effect like at Bodog though; after twenty bets then your entire balance is clear for withdrawal. If you win thousands then that’s how much you can withdraw; there’s no fine print or technicalities to catch you on.

Understanding the Math behind a Slots Sign-up Bonus

The reason we felt that this example was so important to point out is that most players deposit well over $20 on their first casino visit. If you decided to transfer over $150 at Bodog for their special promotion, then you’d essentially have to wager over $4,000 before you could withdraw a single dollar…something very few of us are willing to do inside a new virtual casino environment.

For now, Rome Casino is clearly the best choice if you’re looking for slots bonuses that are easy to clear without a bunch of restrictions and gimmicks. They also have weekly slots tournaments with low entry fees so your money can go a whole lot farther; especially since you’re betting with their money in the first place.

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