Slots For Real Cash

If you’re looking to play online slots for real cash, then today most certainly has to be your lucky day (and no, you’re not our one millionth visitor). Of all the online casino strategy sites that you could have stumbled across, you just happened to pick the one that is managed by a staff of online slots experts who know this industry inside and out. Below you’ll find a few handy tips to play online slots for real cash…and we promise that you will not find this type of insider information anywhere else.

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Online Slots for Cash- Select a Goal

Now, before you’re ready to even think about making a deposit at Casino Titan or one of the other quality online slots casinos in cyberspace, it’s time to set a few ground rules. First of all, online slot machines (or any slots, for that matter) are designed to wipe your pockets clean, and the longer you play, the more likely it is that you will lose your entire deposit. Cheerful though, right?

Well, we promised to give you some insights that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and here’s the first one- online slots for real cash can only be beaten in short runs of good luck. That means you should know exactly how much you have to gamble with and exactly at what point you’ll quit once you start winning. Any other method is literally suicidal.

Online Slots for Cash – Huge Jackpots

Maybe you read that WinPalace recently had an online slot machine jackpot pay out at just under two million dollars, and that might be what brought you here in the first place. Now, we have nothing against progressive jackpots on slot machines, but before you believe the hype you’d better understand how they work.

Now, WinPalace has great overall odds on slot machines at just under a 4.97% edge, but think about how many people have to lose in order for a progressive jackpot to reach two million dollars. Better yet, think about how many times those jackpot machines pay out absolutely nothing in order to reach a total that high; the number is truly mind boggling. If you’re going to play for the big money, that’s fine, but do not touch those particular machines until they are reaching the previous few jackpot payouts.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Here’s something that you probably didn’t know- when you play slot machines for real money at place like Casino Titan and Rushmore Online, it is entirely possible for the overall house odds to be in your favor at all times. That might sound a little crazy at first, but here’s the part that professional gamblers do not want you to know…the free spins do not count towards the overall house odds.

Why, you ask? Well, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to win anything on a free spin. Now, most of us know that you’ll end up walking away with something after 5-10 pulls of the lever, and since you’re not being forced to ante any money it counts as pure profit that the online casino did not account for. If you enter the bonus round early enough and hit big even once on a free spin, the odds are drastically in your favor to walk away with profit. Of course, the casinos count on you to sit there and keep spinning while expecting it the pattern to repeat itself; which will definitely not happen. Like we said earlier…take the money and run.

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