Instant Slots Bonuses of 2018

There has been a lot of talk lately around the internet about instant slots bonuses and what virtual casinos are currently handing out the largest payouts, but neither of those topics is definitely tied to you making money on a set number of spins. While the upfront instant slots bonus does help you build up a quick bankroll so that you can get in more free spins, the real key to winning money inside an online slots casino is finding the games that pay out consistently and give you a fair chance at winning.

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The reason for this is simple; an instant slots bonus is only yours after you place so many wagers inside each online casino. A particular machine may look attractive to you with a huge progressive jackpot or several really good top prizes, for example, but those small incremental wins are almost more important in the long run to increase your chances of winning something big. This article will discuss the five most important traits that all slot machines should have in order to allow you to completely cash out on your instant slots bonus.

Several Categories of Small Payouts

Let’s say that you sit down inside Rome Casino and play “Reel Gangsters,” a twenty line progressive payout slot machine. The first thing that may draw your attention is some of the huge payouts that are offered at the top tiers; but just like inside real casinos, the odds of you hitting that perfect spin and claiming the jackpot is very high. Professional slots players will attest that the only way to consistently win big money inside an online slots casino is to maximize your total amount of spins whenever possible.

So if you need to get in more pulls of the slots lever, the best way to do that is with instant bonus money. Even at .02 per spin, the lowest amount available on “Reel Gangsters” at Rome Casino, you’re wagering forty cents per round. Your initial deposit would disappear in mere minutes if all the payouts were huge, which is what happens inside other casinos all of the time. Since this particular machine has over a dozen lower payouts that come up frequently, you’d have a very good chance at fully clearing your instant slots bonus at Rome Casino (their overall house edge is less than 2% on slots…which is an industry-leading percentage).

A Free Spins Bonus

Along the same lines of smaller payouts to stretch out your money on an online slot machine, the games that offer free bonus spins are very important as well. The reason for seeking machines with this type of incentive is simple; they count towards your instant slots bonus payout without actually using your money to do so. Since you’re not making an initial deposit for those free bonus spins though, your profit can build very quickly.

Take the slot Machine “2 Million BC” at 7Red, for example, one of the internet’s newest slot machine casinos that have an instant slots bonus. Revealing three fire pits gives the player four completely free spins, while four fire pits grants 12 complimentary rolls. At many slots casinos this type of bonus is only associated with a jackpot or an extremely rare spin, but “2 Million BC” gives this benefit often. In fact, you can earn more free spins during free spins…which really adds up over time.

A True Random Emulator

A traditional slot machine is programmed to pay out each possible combination so many times over a long period of time, and to limit the player’s chance of winning big there are less of the big payout symbols than there are the smaller ones. Now, that doesn’t mean that the machine couldn’t pay out the jackpot after your very first spin, simply because it is linked to every other spin that has ever been made on the slot machine. There is always a physical connection in regards to payouts based on every spin made though.

Video slots machines work a little bit differently though because there are no moving internal parts. Instead, each machine is supposed to work on a random emulator that will draw images at random. While we actually see a bunch of pictures spinning around in circles to give the illusion of a slot machine being played, a computer is behind the scenes randomly picking the results. On a completely random generated slot machine, one box has nothing to do with the next one to the computer….it just picks an image for each panel on the game. Truly random slot machines like the ones you’ll find at WinPalace give you a much better overall chance of winning and clearing your instant slots bonus.

Bonus Games

Many of the slot machines at Casino Titan have bonus games that appear from time to time, which means that if you reveal a certain combination then it will take you to a separate screen to play a min game for bonus cash. Although these are included in the machine’s overall odds payout, many of these types of instant bonus games randomly select a reward to give you. It may be trivial or it could actually be your main source of income from the slot machine, without significantly lowering the odds of winning on normal spins. Always pick slot machines with featured side games when trying to clear your instant slots bonus.

Actual Entertainment

Like we’ve already said, there is no secret to converting your instant slots bonus into cash; you simply need to complete a number of spins for that money to become eligible. For this reason alone, you should always try to pick a slot machine inside any online casino that actually keeps you interested and makes you want to play. Things like free spins, clever graphics, catchy animations, and bonus games help make your wagers ore enjoyable…and that’s really why we gamble in the first place. Our main advice to you is to have fun and bet responsibly; the winning will take care of itself if you’ve picked a slot machine with favorable odds.

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