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If you’ve been searching for the best instant blackjack bonus around, then you’re lucky that you stumbled across the largest database of online blackjack casinos on the net. We’ve spent the last several years wagering serious money in just about every online casino that has ever been created and it just so happens that blackjack is by far our favorite game. Our staff plays so often, in fact, that it was one of the main reasons we created MyPokerBasics in the first place; it lets us spread the word about the best blackjack casinos around while warning you about the bad ones.


Recommended Online Casinos January 2023

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Over the years we’ve also learned quite a bit about how online casinos work. There are a whole lot of websites out there that claim to have the best instant blackjack bonuses around or some other feature that simply revolutionizes the game; yet after you make that initial deposit and play a few rounds, the truth becomes plainly obvious. Most of them simply do not live up to the hype, which makes the few online blackjack casinos that do very hard to find. In order to protect you from being taken advantage of, here are five things every player should seek when considering an instant blackjack bonus-

1) Why doesn’t my bonus money show in my account?

That seems like a simple enough question, yet over 90% of the online blackjack casinos out there can not provide players with a simple answer. It seems like most of the time they will refer to a bunch of charts that have to do with player levels and rake amounts…who wants to read all of that stuff? Didn’t they realize that the only reason we visited their casino is because we wanted to play some blackjack?

That’s exactly why most of the online casinos make it so difficult to figure out how to get your instant blackjack bonus after depositing money…because they know that you won’t bother to read the fine print or to call them beforehand. Almost half of the websites out there make it nearly impossible for a player to ever see a single dollar of that bonus money…so you’d better double check what the terms are before making your first deposit.

2) How do I get my instant blackjack bonus?

At most online casinos, you will have to play a certain number of rated hands in order to earn your full bonus. The more generous casinos will grant you that bonus money immediately so that it can be wagered (which is why they call it an instant blackjack bonus); while others will require players to make a certain number of bets with their own money before the extra funds are added to your account. At Rome Casino, for example, your welcome bonus is available to wager with immediately but it will have to be played at least twenty times in order to be eligible for withdrawal.

Getting back to those annoying charts we mentioned a minute ago, they usually show how much total money you’ll have to bet in order to start receiving your bonus at casinos where it is not considered instant. It is usually based on a sliding scale so you can earn funds faster by betting higher wagers. You should also remember that even though you physically earn the bonus money to gamble with, many casinos will never let you withdraw it under any circumstances. In fact, sometimes it will completely disappear after a certain time period.

3) Is the largest blackjack bonus always the best one to pick?

Only on very rare occasions is the largest blackjack bonus the best one to choose, because most of the time the higher amounts are very difficult to convert into actual cash. For example, if a website offered a 100% instant deposit bonus and another casino had a 200% bonus with several restrictions, the 100% offer would probably be better. The only time this would not be applicable is for the die-hard gamblers that play several hundred hands per day; they should probably accept the 200% bonus even though it would take a few weeks before they could access the promotional money.

For the moment, Rome Casino has a 500% instant blackjack bonus that has very low restrictions (20 hands played before it converts to cash that you can withdraw), so until that changes it would definitely be your best option. WinPalace, Casino Titan, and 7Red also have some very appealing instant blackjack bonuses as well.

4) Why did my instant blackjack bonus disappear?

Once again, I’m afraid that you did not read all of the fine print. Most online casinos will not only have a quota on the hands played for the bonus to be credited to your account, but it also has to be completed within a certain time limit. Even if the number of wagers required to get your bonus appears fairly low, make sure that there are not time restrictions in place that would force you to bet outside of your comfort zone.

Some reputable casinos will convert your instant bonus credit into real money after you meet the requirements but this is becoming less and less popular. This is partially the fault of the players who will play even money games like blackjack, roulette, or three card poker just enough to qualify for the bonus, then immediately request a withdrawal. Casinos lost a whole lot of money in the early 00’s by honoring offers like these and few are still willing to take that chance.

5) Which casino does MyPokerBasics work for?

Our website does not work directly from any casino; in fact, 100% of our revenue comes from our sponsored ads and donations. We offer these handy guides simply to inform players of their rights under regional laws, advice on how to find big bonuses, and insight on which online casinos are currently the most popular. This month we feel like your best value is at Rome Casino, but next month we may be talking about WinPalace, or Rushmore Online. We’re going to send you wherever the easiest money can be found…that’s a standing promise you’ll always get at MyPokerBasics.

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