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Want to know a secret? I’m not talking about one of those run of the mill secrets either; this is a big one…as in really, really big. It’s so big, in fact, that casino owners have fought for decades to keep this one under wraps…and knowing this tiny little tidbit of information will change the way that you look at slot machines forever. As a matter of fact, the few slots players that know this secret do not want you to know it either, because it is literally how they make all of their money.

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The secret is…every slot machine in the world is rigged. Impossible, you say; how could such a thing happen and not be reported by the media or some watchdog group? Well, the truth is that it’s never really been a secret at all and casinos display this information for everyone to see. Every legitimate casino, traditional or online, has to post their annual payouts for each game within their franchise.

Great casinos have an overall payout of around 97.75%, which means for every dollar that is wagered the casino profits just over two pennies. This figure does not include things like antes, tournament fees, or side bets, however; on average they’re making a whole lot more money than what has to be reported by law. Then there are games like War, Roulette, and Blackjack that gives the player almost a perfect 50/50 chance of winning, which means that that 98.75% figure is boosted by a lot of basic bets that do not require any skill. This means that games like their slot machines can pay out at 70 or even 80% while still keeping a healthy average.

The slots (and video poker) are completely different from any other casino game though, because they are essentially pre-programmed to pay out at certain intervals. What makes it even worse is that there are normally payouts that are less than the initial wager, so even if you bet $1 and the payout is seventy-five cents, the round is counted as a winner. With this in mind, you can understand how some casinos can honestly say that they have a 95% or better payout on slot machines…because you’re still losing money while boosting their claims.

So how can this information work to the player’s advantage? First of all, you should always be playing the busiest slot machines inside of any type of casino. These are normally the machines that have jackpots associated with them, and you’ll want to bet on whichever one has the highest jackpot at that particular moment. The reason behind this move is simple…the more money that the machine takes in (from you or someone else…preferably from someone else), the more it can pay out. If a particular slot machine is taking in $5,000 per hour, then it can pay out up to $4800 and change per hour. That doesn’t mean that it will…but that’s what gambling is all about.

Now I know what you’re thinking…the secret is to bet the busiest slot machines? Most of the time, playing the slots that are in the most demand are definitely the way to go. Not only will this allow you to make higher payouts on the normal wagers, but it also puts you in the running for the jackpot. The reason is because other players have already lost thousands of dollars getting the slot machine to where it currently stands so their losses can ultimately be your gains.

The trick is to use simple math to figure out the payout probabilities. If the machine is a $1 bet with eight possible bets per round, for example, you can quickly figure out how many spins are required for the jackpot to be where it currently stands. A twenty-five cent slot machine with a similar jackpot amount would mean there have been four times more spins total, so that’s where your money should be placed. By picking individual slot machines that have seen the most money paid in, your chances of winning increase considerably.

Of course, all of this information is worthless if you’re not placing wagers in a legitimate online casino with great overall odds. Out of the thousands of online slots websites around the net, over 90% of them have odds so bad that it ensures players will never win a single penny. Here are a few of the most consistent virtual casinos on the internet with high slot machine payouts-

Casino Titan

Since Casino Titan was founded on the belief that fast-paced, fair slot machine play should be readily available for their customers all over the world, it is no wonder that they have over 30 premiere slots games for you to enjoy. In fact, many of their slots have what is called a “feature guarantee,” which is basically saying that every so many spins they will give you extra turns to win big money on the house. No other casino in the world has ever made it this easy to win big money at slots, which is why Casino Titan should definitely be one of your favorites in the near future.

Rome Casino

Rome Casino prides itself on being one of the few places on the net where serious slot machine players can actually win big money consistently. While their competitors rely on a few “even odds” types of games to pad their reporting statistics, Rome Casino has excellent payouts on all of their games and the slots are easily one of the most popular. In fact, you may have seen recent headlines where one of their players hit a progressive slots jackpot for well over $200,000….one of the highest internet payouts in history.


WinPalace is another great online casino that has various slot machines, keno, and video poker games with very good overall payouts. In fact, it may be the net’s most popular destination for these types of skill games, which is why their progressive jackpots grow in size so quickly over the course of a week. WinPalace also excels in customer service and taking care of their players with very generous loyalty bonuses and other perks.

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