Quick Payout Slots

I was playing roulette at Casino Titan the other day and it simply was not going as planned; every time I was up a few dollars I’d drop right back down to even. After almost an hour and a half of poor guesses and a whopping $35 profit, I decided to take my winnings and try my luck at their high speed slots since they can have very fast payouts with a few early wins. This article will chronicle my experiences with Casino Titan’s slot machines.

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Selecting a Machine

On this particular occasion I went with Casino Titan’s Field of Green slot machine for a couple of different reasons. The first was that there were numerous low payouts and that’s the start to any good high speed slot machine. The bonus feature was also appealing because it could trigger up to 25 free spins, a huge bonus multiplier, or instant credits, which put together could add up to a substantial sum of money if you were to hit it early. Since I was only planning to play high speed slots for a few minutes and call it a day, it seemed like the perfect gamble.

First Spins

Well, Field of Green did not disappoint, because on my second spin I saw the three scattered footballs to “kick” off the bonus round. In this game you go through the motions of kicking simulated field goals and I hit five for five, giving me 25 free spins and payouts of 3x for the remainder of the bonus round. On my seventh bonus spin I received three scatter symbols again, however, and picked up another ten free spins.

Now, I’ve played some pretty good high speed slots before, but never have I wagered five dollars and received 35 free spins. During this period I picked up almost $700 in absolutely free money, and since I wasn’t required to ante it was all pure profit. I’m not sure if this is typical for the Field of Green at Casino Titan or I just hit a perfect lucky streak, but I sat there for over an hour and my total kept skyrocketing.

End Game

After an hour of play on Casino Titan’s Field of Green, I racked up a total of 115 free spins that yielded $1,325. Of course, I lost several rounds in between, but because I played most of the spins with a 3x multiplier the advantage was actually in my favor. Remember earlier when I mentioned that I looked for a high speed slot machine with several small payouts? Well, when they are paying triple the normal amount and your ante is free, they add up incredibly fast.

I ended up clearing $1,100 on Casino Titan’s Field of Green in just under 70 minutes. Since their high speed slots have quick payouts and cashouts for all of their players, these funds were in my bank account the following morning and I still couldn’t believe how ridiculously fortunate I was. Since then I have returned to Casino Titan four times and played the exact same machine, and even though they were not all big wins I have yet to lose a single penny while playing it. Maybe I’m just getting lucky, I don’t know, but it is definitely worth a try to find out for sure. If I can profit five straight times on the slots at Casino Titan, I would imagine that almost anyone can.

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