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Below are the best online slots of 2018 with bonus rounds. Choose a casino to start playing.

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Want to know a secret? I’ve been bugging my bossman for three weeks to let me talk a little bit about online slots with bonus rounds, but until he watched me really rake in the money last night he didn’t think there was enough strategy involved to warrant its own webpage. Now that he knows differently, I’m getting to post my very first article on MyPokerBasics and I’m going to tell you every dirty little secret you can use when you play free casino slots with bonus rounds.

Before I teach you to become a slot machine guru, however, I promised my bossman that I would include a little disclaimer in this article. Overall, slots have a pretty good house edge built into them so it’s not like you can just walk up to any machine and win thousands of dollars. In fact, most of the online slots with bonus rounds out there are very difficult to win money on, simply because the bonus rounds do not come up that frequently. This article will guide you to the ones that do and teach you how to budget your money so that you’ll earn a maximum payout every time.

Step One- Getting your Startup Money

Like I mentioned a moment ago, the house odds are sometimes very difficult to overcome. On the worst slot machines out there the house may have an edge up to 20%, which means that you’ll lose 20¢ on average for every dollar that you bet. Now, that’s not to say that your very first spin won’t pay you $2,000 or better, but that’s a dreamer’s type of strategy and it’s definitely no good for making consistent money.

The first thing to do is to locate an online casino that has two things; online slots with bonus rounds and a massive welcome bonus that has a low conversion rate. For example, Rome Casino offers a 400% bonus for slot machines and that money goes into your account immediately, which makes the house edge fairly transparent. Even though the slots may steadily eat away at your chips while you’re waiting for the bonus rounds to launch, you’re really only giving them their own money back anyway.

The key here is to have plenty of spins…so be sure to go somewhere with a big welcome bonus.

Step Two- Selecting Online Slots with Bonus Rounds

Just because a slot machine has some kind of bonus tied into it does not mean that it’s worth playing, so our second step is to find somewhere to play free slots with bonus rounds. Since we had already mentioned Rome Casino I’ll tell you about my favorite game there; it’s a 13 line machine called Diablo (oops, the bossman says to enter another disclaimer here. MyPokerBasics did not have any input on me selecting Diablo 13 Lines and none of our staff are into voodoo, the occult, or the devil. It just happens to be their best slot payout by far; that’s the only reason I chose it).

Anyway, let’s talk about Diablo 13 Lines. It’s a great slot machine game because it has several bonuses rolled into one, including one of the biggest casino jackpots to ever appear on the internet! The jackpot currently stands at $2,032, 640 which means that someone will more than likely become a millionaire in the next few weeks, and if it’s me then you won’t see me typing up any more review articles with 100 disclaimers from my bossman either.

The object of this game (besides hitting the jackpot) is to get three or more fairies on your screen at one time; doing so earns you 13 free spins and a bunch of easy money. In fact, four times last night I won 13 fee spins while I was using free spins, so there was a period of about 15 minutes where I never spent a penny while I was winning money. In those types of scenarios all of those little five and ten dollar payouts really add up, which is where I make the majority of my profits.

The other symbols to watch out for are the crystal balls; they launch a bonus game with payouts between 500 and 13,000 free credits. Now, a credit is equal to whatever you’re betting, so it could be 1¢ or it could mean $5….that’s your call. Either way, 13,000 of them is a whole lot of bonus money.

Step Three- Strategy at Rome Casino Slots

Okay, let’s pull together everything we’ve talked about so far. Sign up at Rome Casino, deposit some money, and collect your 4x bonus up to $1,000. Once that’s taken care of, head into the video slots machine section and select Diablo 13 Lines. Now we’re ready to start raking in the cash.

The first thing you have to know is that it makes no difference whether you bet the minimum amount or the max, as long as you have all 13 lines covered on each bet. That means if you wager 5¢ then you should be risking 65¢ per round so that you have each combo covered…this is very important. You can win a heck of a lot more money betting 1¢x13 per hand than you could betting $5 on one line…so always cover the maximum lines, regardless of the wager amount.

Next, be prepared to turn the sound off. It’s not like it’s horrible sounds or anything, but after awhile it will get on your nerves and that’s definitely not any good. Open your media center and select your own music if you have to, but make sure you’re comfortable because you’ll be spinning for a little while.

Your basic strategy is to stick to lower wager amounts with your own money, and slowly bump up the antes as you win money or hit the free bonus spins. Like I said earlier, you’re betting on credits…and just moving up one betting category can be huge if you hit for 2,000 credits. Also remember that you’ll only get partial payouts from the jackpot if you’re not betting $5 per line…which would really stink if you made a 100,000 to 1 spin and only had a few cents on the line. Always use your profits to increase your bet and remember…4/5ths of your bankroll was free to begin with at Rome Casino- use it to get as many spins as possible.

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