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Asia is truly what speculators consider the trifecta for future gambling; there are billions of citizens, a strong economy, and very little competition due to a strong Muslim presence throughout the region. Even though gambling is forbidden in many countries throughout Asia, there is such a strong demand that some citizens travel hundreds of miles to receive Vegas-like action. Many speculate that Asia’s future in luring westerners to the region is also linked to gambling; a fact that several countries have recently taken note of.

Surprisingly, there is no gambling allowed in China at all, even though it was the birthplace of our modern card deck and several popular casino games. Instead, residents turn to these destinations to meet their gambling desires-


Australia is well established in both casinos and horseracing, and it has been a major draw from nearby countries since the mid 90’s. The island is also covered with sportsbooks, poker machines, lotteries and several other forms of gambling as well. An interesting fact about Australia in terms of gaming is that it is the fastest growing market in the world today for gamblers; by 2017 it is expected to rival Las Vegas in revenue. All gambling is Australia is highly regulated by the government.

 New Zealand

Believe it or not, ten years ago the average resident in New Zealand did not even know what a roulette table was or what to do with a soft 17 in blackjack. When large scale casinos first started popping up they were aimed almost exclusively at tourism, but in the past several years that has drastically changed.

Christmas Island

Although Christmas Island is still an infant when it comes to high stakes gambling, their government has big dreams of seizing much of Southeast Asia’s demand for quality casinos and sportsbooks in the near future. With its centralized location and its breathtaking scenery, many experts agree that this destination could easily become the East’s answer to Atlantic City.


Malaysia has claim to the world’s largest casino if you’re measuring by the actual gaming tables, plus they are big fans of horseracing and other forms of gambling. This region will not allow Muslims to gamble at any venue within the country but it is wide open for everyone else; including foreigners.


While the Philippines currently houses less than a dozen full-service casinos, this nation is poised to become the Las Vegas of the East with rapid expansion plans for the near future. In this country you are permitted to bet on almost anything, including cock-fighting, sportsbooks, horse races, and jai alai. The Philippines biggest obstacle of claiming casino supremacy in the west is getting their crime rate under control; especially in outlying cities.

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